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End-of-Line Contract Packing

Packaging Solutions that Earn Your Clients' Approval and Loyalty

End-of-Line Contract Packing

Hughes Enterprises provides a vast array of packaging materials and equipment that satisfies the unique needs of your clients. Our packaging solutions support your end-of-line contract packaging operations and help you accommodate large orders and different packaging needs, with little to zero lag time.

As a packing contract business, you often need to work with manufacturers and producers whose products have high market demand. We understand some of your biggest challenges – fulfilling the unique packaging needs of each product, reducing the lag time between order and production, and earning your clients’ trust and confidence.

Hughes Enterprises is a distributor of some of the best-rated packaging brands in the world, including 3M, Sealed Air Corporation, Pregis, Storopack, PAC Worldwide, Intertape Polymer, Pratt, and Malpack. We offer standard packaging materials and eco-friendly options that can cater to sustainability policies. Finally, we provide agile, customizable packaging equipment to streamline your in-house packaging capabilities.

As a co-producer to your customers, you need to prove that they can rely on you for their product packaging needs and pivot quickly whenever necessary to meet regulatory requirements as market demands evolve. With Hughes Enterprises as your partner, you can rise to the occasion each time, whether you’re fulfilling a large order on short notice or developing new packaging for fragile products.

Quality, speed, and consistency are at the core of your partnership with Hughes Enterprises.


The Challenge

Meet Client Demands In A Fast-Paced And Evolving Market

End-of-line contract packaging comes with various challenges, especially when you’re serving a diverse set of clients at any given time. You’re tasked with fulfilling your clients’ needs and ensuring their satisfaction throughout.

We can do the same for you. We customize contract packing equipment according to the needs of each packing contract business and, by extension, their customers. Here are some of our long-term solutions for streamlining co-packing:

  • Custom-engineer packaging lines for products with unique protective packaging needs.

  • Automate packaging lines to reduce manual and labor-intensive processes.

  • Offer stocking agreements to accommodate your on-site storage capacity and consumption rate.

  • Provide materials and equipment that meet safety and regulatory requirements.

At Hughes Enterprises, we know every contract is different. That’s why we help packing contract businesses increase flexibility, eliminate labor-intensive processes, customize packaging requirements, and handle large orders with ease.

Custom End-of-Line Contract Packing Solutions

Versatile Materials and Equipment that Fulfill Diverse Packaging Needs

Our experts at Hughes Enterprises can help you design lean packaging systems consisting of efficient contract packing equipment and versatile consumables. We leverage our connections with the world’s best protective packaging makers for your business’ benefit.

High-Quality and Sustainable Packaging Materials

We offer a wide range of packing supplies that prevent scratches, dents, and other common types of damage in storage or during transit. Our protective materials such as foam, airbags, shrink wrap, stretch film, corrugated packaging, tapes, strapping products, mailers, envelopes, and retention packaging ensure even the most fragile items are secured. We also carry eco-friendly packaging materials like Polyjacket-R, AstroGreen Bubble, and iCushion biodegradable air pillows.

Efficient Packaging Equipment

Making the most of these materials is essential, so we provide some of the best contract packing equipment in the market:

  • Case Packing Systems

  • Case Sealers and Box Taping Machines

  • Case Erectors

  • Case Labeling Machines

  • Industrial Bagging Systems

  • Shrink and Stretch Film Wrappers

Our equipment gives your packing contract business an edge over your competitors. Whether you’re transitioning to full packaging automation or using legacy processes that require semi-automation, we have suitable equipment for your unique specifications.

Materials and Equipment for Kitting

We also offer packaging products that are perfect for kitting, a technique in which related items are packaged together in one bundle. With Hughes Enterprises, you can use kitting purely as a packaging method for customers who buy two or more products from your store. Alternatively, you can pre-select products in your inventory that logically go well together and introduce them as a bundle in your e-commerce site. Perfect product combinations can encourage customers to buy the items that are slow to sell individually. Kitting, therefore, can boost your sales and pad your bottom line.

Product bundles often require customized packaging, but you don’t have to worry about that because we have packaging experts who can help you design a cost-efficient and sustainable kitting strategy. Moreover, they can recommend ways to make your kits attractive to your target market.

With Hughes Enterprises as your supplier and consultant for end-of-line automation solutions, you and your customers can reap the following benefits:

  • Sustainability (kitting uses less packaging materials than individual packaging)

  • Low shipping costs (orders are consolidated into as few boxes or parcels as possible)

  • Fast delivery (one kitted bundle is easier to ship and track than sending planes with individual packages)

Consulting Services

What makes Hughes Enterprises the superior packaging partner for contract packagers, however, is we’re not limited to materials and machines. We have packaging experts in different industries who can advise you on streamlining packaging processes. Moreover, our company can act as a consultant for warehousing and handling.

With Hughes Enterprises as your partner, you’ll have all-around packaging solutions specialists helping to ensure that your clients’ end-of-line products are safe and secure from factory to warehouse to store shelves. Our customized solutions will earn you more clients and help your business grow.

Hughes Enterprises Contract Packing Services

Gain A Competitive Advantage With Our Expertise and Customized Systems

Custom Engineering Solutions

You can enjoy the full extent of our expertise through our custom-engineered packaging solutions. We are the best in the industry because we give a truly customized service. From choosing suitable materials and dimensions of corrugated boxes to designing lean processes, we offer the best options with your client’s goals and needs in mind.

Alliance Program

The Alliance Program is a special rewards plan that gives members exclusive perks and privileges. As a member, you can have the first pick of pre-owned loaner equipment, enjoy automatic replenishment of inventory and get machinery assistance if you need to meet a temporary increase in demand. Contact a Hughes representative to apply to our Alliance Program.

Integrated Packaging

Develop a streamlined packaging process with the help of our technicians and industry consultants. No matter what industry you serve, our experts will study your client’s needs and the unique requirements of the products they produce. We’ll then design a suitable system consisting of best-in-the-market materials, equipment, and strategy.

National Packaging Programs

With Hughes Enterprises as a partner, you’ll enjoy benefits that only verified 3M Premier Service Distributor could give, such as news about 3M’s newest products and special promotions. Since we are also a member of the Packaging Distributors of America (PDA), you can access resources and skills from over 60 member distributors nationwide.

Why Choose Hughes Enterprises For Contract Packing

The Best Supplier and Partner for End-Of-Line Contract Packaging Companies

As your partner and advisor, we will work closely with your operations team so that you’ll have a streamlined end-of-line packaging system that benefits your clients and helps your business grow.


We implement preventive measures to avoid downtime, but it can still happen even to the best of us. What matters more is swift response and dedicated assistance, which we prioritize for all our clients.


Hughes Enterprises has been in the packaging business since 1950. We bring decades of experience and extensive knowledge of packaging needs across industries to the table.