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End-of-Line Cosmetics Packaging

Experts Who Help You Streamline Your Efficiency

End-of-Line Cosmetics Packaging


Hughes Enterprises is among the most trusted packaging distribution companies in the U.S. We have our headquarters in Pennsylvania and 10 regional offices throughout the country to serve cosmetics manufacturers and marketers more efficiently.

As a business in the beauty and cosmetics industry, you often need to anticipate trends before they happen. On top of that, you must constantly meet consumer standards, maintain customer satisfaction and uphold an attractive image. A significant aspect of all of these is developing recognizable and brand-accurate cosmetic packaging.

Hughes Enterprises helps cosmetics manufacturers do all of these and much more. As a packaging company since 1950, we leverage our skills, expertise and experience to successfully streamline end-of-line processes. We design innovative solutions to help our clients stay on top of industry trends and improve their efficiency.

Partnering with us is a lot like expanding your operations team because we take the time to understand your challenges and goals. We look into the issues and hitches in your processes and then devise customized equipment to address those. Ultimately, we use our experience in supporting cosmetic customers to help you build an improved, safe and streamlined packaging system.

An advantage of having Hughes Enterprises as your packaging consultant is that you benefit from our affiliations as well. We have partnered with major manufacturing brandslike Combi, Wexxar/BEL, Sealed Air and Pregis to deliver the right end-of-the-line packaging solution for you.

The Challenge

Cosmetics Industry Obstacles that Manufacturers Need to Tackle


Being in the fast-paced cosmetic industry means you need to stay on top of consumer demands. You must develop effective products, but most importantly, you need to give your shoppers a pleasant customer experience. This involves:

  • Managing the timing of product life cycles

  • Developing memorable, on-brand packaging

  • Updating product labels and packaging

  • Ensuring safe transport of delicate items from facility to customers

  • Providing customers with satisfying “unboxing” experiences

Through the years, we’ve helped countless clients meet these consumer expectations, ship out gorgeous products and keep up with ever-changing trends. We go beyond delivering cosmetic packaging solutions; we’re packaging consultants giving you innovative shipping and packaging solutions so you can keep exciting your customers.

Cosmetics Packaging Solutions

We Offer Innovative Services to Answer Your Business’s Needs


We understand that the cosmetics manufacturing industry is ever-changing and highly competitive. You need to keep up with trends, enhance your product packaging and ultimately ensure customer satisfaction. This is why our packaging consultants constantly research and identify emerging packaging technologies and innovations.

Here are some of the cosmetic packaging solutions we specialize in:

  • Biodegradable and sustainable packaging

  • Folding cartons

  • Window boxes

  • High-end retail cartons

On top of that, we’re capable of delivering these solutions depending on your requirements:

  • Design and prototyping

  • Automated packaging solutions to reduce manual labor

  • Endcap displays

  • Damage containment in shipping

  • Memorable “unboxing” experience for consumers

Whether you want to improve your production rate or find the best case labeling solution for better ROI, Hughes Enterprises is your go-to resource. We not only help you eliminate hurdles in your packaging and shipping systems; we help you hit your business goals from start to finish.

If you require custom-engineered packaging lines to boost your productivity, simply speak to us and we’ll help you find the best solution.

How We’ve Become The Go-To Cosmetics Packaging Distributor

Our Customers' Success Stories With Our Advanced Solutions

Global Manufacturer Implements Automated Carton Handling System

A global cosmetic manufacturer reached out to Hughes Enterprises, needing help with end-of-line automation in their New Jersey facility. They needed to enhance their manual process for case handling and label application of their cosmetics line while reducing labor costs, shipping errors and product damage.

After our packaging consultants studied their existing packaging and shipping process, we worked with Sealed Air to customize an Ultipack system for them. This automated carton handling system was designed to carry out case erecting, void fill dunnage application and lid closure. Most importantly, it was tested and refined to provide all necessary product protections.

Our customized case handling and label application equipment helped our client reach optimum product throughput while reducing labor costs, product errors and damage. Ultimately, it enabled our client to impress their end-users with improved, secure yet easy-open packaging.

Cosmetic Company Uses Custom Label Printer And Applicator

A cosmetic manufacturing company asked us for help with their faulty barcode numbers and labels. Their existing equipment affixed labels at the side of product cartons to be used for assigning customer orders later on. However, they often encountered duplicate barcode numbers and misread labels.

Our team looked through their existing conditions and devised a solution without changing their scanning procedure. We implemented a customized printer/applicator system comprising a label printer, a Wexxar case erector integrated 18 months prior, a software program printing the barcode and a metering belt conveyor.

This custom solution helped eliminate duplicate and misread labels without altering their existing process. It also enabled them to reduce the size of labels they printed, consequently bringing down their packaging expenses.

Hughes Enterprises Cosmetics Packaging Services

Top-Notch Resources You Won't Find Elsewhere

Custom Engineering Solutions

We understand that developing an effective beverage packaging line is more than just boxes. This is why our packaging consultants take the time to analyze your systems, equipment, and processes before implementing any solution. As a result, you can trust Hughes Enterprises to build end-of-line systems that support your needs and work as hard as you do.

Alliance Program

We’ve developed the Hughes Enterprises Alliance Program to show our appreciation for our loyal customers. Here, program members enjoy discounted service agreements, preventive maintenance contracts, 24-hour priority service and more. These rewards are designed to help our customers minimize delays and operate at their peak performance at all times

Integrated Packaging

To help you streamline your systems from start to finish, we take the time to understand your goals and objectives. We then offer recommendations to enhance every aspect of your packaging and shipping system. On top of these, we leverage our partnerships with big manufacturing brands to give you high-quality systems.

National Packaging Programs

Our partnerships make us stronger. Hughes Enterprises is a member of the Packaging Distributors of America (PDA), one of the biggest associations of packaging distributors worldwide. This affiliation enables us to deliver uniform local pricing, local and efficient maintenance services and cost savings to you.

Why Choose Hughes Enterprises for Cosmetics Packaging

Consultants Who Improve Your Systems and Boost Your Business

With Hughes Enterprises as your packaging consultant, you get a partner who will enhance your packaging systems the smart way to the end.


We know that equipment downtime is unavoidable, but you can count on us to deliver round-the-clock support when interruptions occur.


Since 1950, we’ve helped numerous cosmetics manufacturers improve their processes and ship impressive products.