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Innovative Packaging Solutions for Consumer Electronics During Coronavirus

Innovative Packaging Solutions for Consumer Electronics During Coronavirus

Since COVID-19 impacted the world, most consumers are shopping online more than ever before. For consumer electronics companies, online business has risen dramatically. Electronic superstore Best Buy reported a 255% increase in online sales for their second quarter.

A staggering percentage of Americans are now working from inside their homes, instead of going to an office. This has led many to create work from home stations that are complete with all of the technology they need. From computers, to tablets, to smartphones, to headsets, the electronic consumables train never ends.

Adults aren’t the only people indulging in electronics. Kids are using technology more than they did just a few months ago. For most children, school now takes place on a tablet or computer. Not being able to go out as much, if at all, has led to kids relying on those same computers and tablets for entertainment. Video game consoles both stationary and portable have also seen huge increases in sales. During the first weeks of COVID-19 lockdowns, locating a Nintendo switch was like finding gold. With parents having to work their full-time jobs at home, kids are using technology to keep themselves busy.

Even those in the older generations are adopting technology at a much higher rate. Stuck at home, many adults in the higher risk age bracket for COVID-19 are using Zoom and FaceTime to connect with friends and relatives. Before the pandemic, these seniors had no urgent reason to purchase tablets or smartphones.

If you have a consumer electronics company, you are poised to have great online success during these unprecedented times. You must be sure that your packaging is both cost-effective and efficient. There are a few things to consider when packaging your products. We are going to take a look at the importance of superior packaging for consumer electronics.

Product Losses

One of the challenges in shipping electronics can happen during packaging. If a product is not packaged sufficiently, there is a much higher chance of it breaking at some point from the hand-off to the delivery.

Once your electronic goods leave your warehouse, the real journey begins. Electronics can be one of the most sensitive types of items to be shipped. An extra hard toss onto the delivery truck can knock a microchip loose and damage the entire product. When a customer receives a broken product, the cost is always absorbed by the business. This leads to disappointment in both the customer and the electronics company. It is essential to have secure packaging for all electronic goods.

Bubble Mailers

At Hughes Enterprises, we offer premium packaging solutions for all sized electronics. For smaller goods, bubble mailers are an excellent way to keep your products safe. These little envelopes come with a bubble-wrap interior to pad the electronics from damage. Additionally, bubble mailers are compact, which significantly lowers shipping costs.

Don’t leave your electronic goods to chance. Be sure your products will travel safely to their final destination. The last thing you want is an unsatisfied customer and product losses.

Ship From Store

If you truly want to keep your shipping costs down, shipping from your brick and mortar store is a great option. This eliminates the need for an outside fulfillment center, as your company becomes the fulfillment center.

You can also offer your customers the option to pick up their items directly from your store or from the curbside. In addition to replacing distribution, your company also saves on shipping costs. Since most companies are pressured into offering free shipping these days, this kind of savings can add up quickly.

Whether your company is shipping across the country or down the street, Hughes Enterprises has the packaging solutions you are looking for. While our bubble mailers are great for smaller electronics, we also offer larger packaging options for sizable electronic goods as well.

We always ensure quality materials and expert packaging. Our protective packaging equipment is a must for any sensitive items like electronics. We offer a selection of inflatable air pillow systems and paper void fill dispensers. Our bubble wrap packaging machines work on electronics of any size.

One of our consultants at Hughes Enterprises is ready to work with your consumer electronics company to find the best systems for all of your packaging needs. Whether the answer is a simple bubble mailer or needing bubble wrap machine work, Hughes Enterprises has the innovative packaging solutions you need. Contact one of our representatives today.