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Keep Products Fresh using Twist Tie Machines for Food Distributors

Keep Products Fresh using Twist Tie Machines for Food Distributors

Twist Tie MachinesFood distribution has long since been based around freshness and the ability to keep for a certain amount of time. That’s where twist tie machines come into play. Twist tie machines for food distributors including bakeries, and can be utilized in a number of different ways depending on what sort of product you’re producing. Below, our packaging experts have provided some insight on the how the twist tie machine can be helpful and how to choose the right one for your business.

Benefits of the Twist Tie Machines

The major reason that food distributors use twist tie machines is because of the time it saves in the production line. A regular employee not using a machine is much less efficient than one that utilizes the hardware in order to tie off twist ties. Repetitive motion injuries can be damaging for a worker as well, and tying twist ties is generally one of those motions that can lead to severe carpal tunnel syndrome. The twist tie machine works as a method of staving off this problem for workers making it safer for them from a health perspective.

Choosing the Right Twist Tie Machine

As a food manufacturer, you are going to need to know which twist tie machine is the best fit for your specific product and business needs. The best way to do this is to weigh a certain number of key factors such as:

Tying Diameter: The tying diameter of a twist tie machine determines the smallest and largest possible loop that the machine can make. When it’s used in tying of plastic bags, this can have an impact on food freshness, as you don’t want too much of a space left for air to get in after the bag has been tied.

Size: Some twist tie machines for food distributors are designed to be used in a warehouse environment and as a result are built to take up a large amount of space. Other twist tie machines are developed for use in controlled areas such as the inside of boxes or crates. In some applications, such as in an agricultural enterprise, the latter is often preferable to the former since packing locations for these goods are usually small spaces.

Adjustable Ribbon length: Quite a lot of machines come with adjustable ribbon length in order to ensure an economical consumption of ribbon. As an additional cost to the machine, the ribbon that it uses may vary.

Knowing What Works

In determining what sort of twist tie machine your food distribution company requires you have to know what sort of machine works best in what sort of environment. In some situations, this is not obvious. The type of twist tie machine you adopt will be based on the amount of work done (by volume) when compared to the requirements that your particular food product requires. Contact Hughes Enterprises today to get more information about the wide variety of twist tie machines that we supply to food distributors. We’ll help you find a twist tie machine that’s right for your business.