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Keep Your Packages Moving with Conveyor Systems

Keep Your Packages Moving with Conveyor Systems

These days, retail is changing as more and more brick and mortar stores are offering consumers the convenience to order products online. This e-commerce boom has emphasized the importance of revamping distribution operations for speed and accuracy. Adding a conveyor system to your manufacturing facility, warehouse or distribution center can make transporting products to their final destination a lot faster and safer. Conveyor systems systematically move your products quickly and efficiently through your distribution center. Here are just a few more benefits of conveyors:

● Better handle order surges
● Increase product flow and productivity with a reduction in errors
● Optimize and valuable floor space
● Reduce operational costs
● Reduce labor requirements
● Improve order fulfillment time
● Provide a more ergonomic friendly work environment; decreasing injuries

Conveyors have been a staple in the materials handling industry for decades. As the demand for speed, reduced cost and integrated automation grows, so does the need for conveyor systems. There are a number of specific features or characteristics to look for when designing, evaluating, selecting and choosing conveyors for your system. Hughes’ Wulftec Conveyor systems offer our customers the flexibility of customizing length, accessories and many more additions including:

● Belt conveyor
● Centering Device
● Multi-strand chain conveyor
● Pop Up & Pop Up rotator
● Shuttle Conveyor
● Side loading
● Chain Transfer Conveyor
● Adjustable Pass Height
● Customized Conveyor Length
● Index Table
● Scissor Lift

Conveyor Upkeep

Conveyors should be inspected at least once a day. Belts may tear, material could get trapped and other problems might develop, resulting in costly downtime and late shipments. Like all equipment in your warehouse, conveyors should be maintained regularly. Avoid costly maintenance mistakes with these tips:

● Schedule regular inspections: check the floor area underneath the conveyor, listen for squeaks, check the temperature of the motor and look for proper alignment.
● Keep a maintenance log to record what has been inspected and replaced.
● Adhere to OSHA standards for a safe workplace.
● Properly train employees in the operation of the conveyors as well as how to spot maintenance issues.
● Use the conveyor only in the ways it is intended for; placing heavier than specified loads on a conveyor can result in a breakdown.

Quickly (and safely) move your products from one end to the other with a conveyor solution for all types of industries. Order, buy Wulftec Conveyors from Hughes. Choosing the right conveyor system may seem like an overwhelming task which is why Hughes can help you determine which of our conveyors options would work best in your packaging environment. Contact a Hughes Sales Representative for assistance.