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It seems like anymore, the world is just moving at a much faster pace than it did before.  People can be across the country in merely a few hours or across the world in less than a day!  Orders can now be taken, processed, shipped, and delivered all in one day.  So if you’re a company, large or small, having trouble keeping up with the high speed times of today’s business world, becoming fully, or even semi-automated could make a tremendous difference. With machines like 3M Adjustable Case Sealers or 3M Random Case Sealers, the time spent hand sealing cases is eliminated and the packaging process is made faster so that the product is able to get out to the customer at record speed.  There are many other ways to automate your business’ packaging process and a Hughes Sales Representative would be happy to help you explore the options.  Contact one at 267-409-6100.

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