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Makeover Your Packaging Systems for Efficient Shipping Solutions

Makeover Your Packaging Systems for Efficient Shipping Solutions

As operations get bigger, a streamlined packing system is crucial in getting the product out to the receiver safely and quickly. If a shipping room’s layout is unorganized, then the packaging line productivity could see a failure in their efficiency. Companies can double production with the same amount of manpower once they develop efficient shipping solutions and an integrated packing system. This will not only save money on labor, but increase speed; boosting customer service.

Considering a New Shipping Layout

Many times, a facility’s layout needs to be updated due to a decrease in production speed or for the employees themselves. When an employee has to turn around, print a label directly behind them, and then apply it to a shipment in front of them, this can slow down production. Even though it may not be a lot of time, it’s still a bump in the road and those bumps add up. When employees have to twist and turn back and forth, they are also risking an injury from the repetitive motions.

In order for efficiency and speed to remain at optimal levels, ergonomics and employees have to be balanced. For example, employees should grab items that are available at waist height in order to prevent any back injuries, especially with bigger packages. By recreating the layout and adding in integrated packaging systems, a facility can greatly benefit.

Benefits of Efficient Shipping Solutions

There are quite a few ways an integrated packaging system is beneficial for productivity in any company and a smaller footprint is certainly high on the list. While systems may look bulky, designing and choosing a specific system for the layout of a facility can help reduce clutter. Packaging systems are also great to reduce manpower. Valuable human resources can be used in other demanding areas while an integrated packaging system can free up problematic areas and reduce human error.

Integrating shipping label equipment is also essential because a machine can produce fast and repetitive motions without injury and without errors. Whether labels must be printed and placed on the top, bottom, or sides of shipping containers, it can be done accurately and quickly. Further, these systems can help reduce the amount of workplace injuries from employees constantly swiveling from one station to another as well as eliminate the repetitive motions that can lead to carpal tunnel and other persistent ailments.

Facility Layout Ideas

To move packages quicker to the docking area adding a conveyor belt is key. This reduces the amount of manpower and injuries possible as well as increasing speed. The packaging and shipping area should also be closed to this conveyor belt near the docking doors to increase how quickly it leaves the facility.

Off to the side, an outbound volume rack should be set up for packages that can’t go out quite yet. This can clean up some floor space and set a designated, organized area. When they’re ready to go, they’re easy to locate and ready for shipping.

Efficient Shipping Solutions From Hughes

Facilities can see a surge in operations and product shipments during certain seasons and instead of hiring seasonal employees, integrated packaging systems can be used year round at the pace they’re needed.

Hughes Enterprises Integrated Systems will help your organization remain assured on-time delivery, fast startup, and real packaging line productivity. Contact us at 267-409-6100 for more information.