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Maximize Packaging for Club Stores with Efficient Bundling Equipment

Maximize Packaging for Club Stores with Efficient Bundling Equipment

How can you maximize packaging for club stores that will draw in a shopper's attention?Walk into a club store, such as Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s to name a few, and you’re faced with bigger shopping carts, wider aisles and a billboard “wall” of products with vivid colors to draw in a shopper’s attention. While the products sold in these stores are generally the same as those found in traditional retail stores, they’re sold much differently. Packaging for club stores have a unique set of design considerations that differs from your typical retail environment. From coding to bundle wrapping, it’s important that brands design packaging to not only stand out to maximize sales but also meet club store guidelines. Are your goods “big box” ready?

The Multipack Solution: Packaging for Club Stores

One way to help you grow your bottom line by increasing productivity, standing out at shelf and reducing packaging material is to utilize bundling equipment such as the Multipack Solution. Used to both group products on shelf and to ship products more efficiently, this machine is sure to make your products make a statement. Check out these amazing benefits:

Reduce Costs

When compared to your current solutions such as bags, shrink wrap, bags and trays, you could save up to 50% on material costs. Gain additional savings through reduced labor, energy efficient machinery and increased throughput.

Hold Bundles Securely

The clean removal tape securely holds bundles at the shelf while keeping packaging unscathed. A visible advantage.

Reduce Packaging Weight

Reduced materials mean less space needed for packaging. Ultimately this decreases your dimensional (DIM) weight. If you need a refresher on calculating DIM weight (and why it’s important) to understand, take a look at our blog, “Box Size Matters.”

High Speed

The energy-efficient Multipack machines reduce costs, enhance production speed, and are easy to implement into any production line. From entry level solutions to automated systems, CEFMA has machine configurations that best suit your needs. Entry level machines load 10-12 packs per minute; inline solutions run up to 60 multipacks/minute. Both integrate easily into production lines. More product in less time means a healthier bottom line!

Customize Messaging

Make it your own. Tape can be custom printed in up to 8 colors with a branded message, enabling direct communication with customers. Plus, save big, this print can replace more expensive and less effective solutions such as stickers, chipboard and labels.

Become Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient CEFMA machinery helps reduce costs, enhances throughput, and is easy to implement in your production line.

Decrease Transportation and Storage Costs

Since the Multipack Solution replaces bulkier solutions- such as trays, businesses are able to improve supply chain operations by optimizing pallet space and reducing packaging weight.

Highlight Packaging, Not Adhesives

Don’t compromise the look and feel of your packaging by covering it up with other bundling materials. The Multipack Solution enables your product to shine at shelf. Discrete adhesive turns the attention to the packaging, not the tape.

Fulfilling All Your Shipping and Packaging Needs

The Scotch® Clean Removal Multipack Tape and CEFMA machinery form The Multipack Solution is your efficient alternative to multi-unit and promotional packaging such as bags, shrink wrap, chipboard and trays. Use it both to group products on shelf and to ship products more efficiently!

The Hughes Packaging Systems Solutions experts offer engineering excellence in designing and integrating shipping and packaging line solutions for businesses. We are here to guide you through any questions you may have about your shipping and packaging needs. Contact a Hughes Sales Representative at 267-409-6100 today.