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Have you Met Maxwell? Equip Yourself with Smart Packaging Foam in Place Solutions

Have you Met Maxwell? Equip Yourself with Smart Packaging Foam in Place Solutions

Have you met Maxwell, SmartBaagger’s new intelligent interface from IntelliPack? As its newest feature, Maxwell brings smart packaging foam-in-place operations to a whole new level by offering an even more robust user interface. But before we introduce you to Maxwell and everything it has to offer, let’s dive into a few benefits of foam-in-place solutions first.

Smart Packaging Foam-in-Place Solutions

Businesses shipping irregularly-shaped or fragile items that need to be delivered with care will keep their products safe with smart packaging solutions.Foam is incredibly shock-absorbent and highly versatile. How does it work? Foam-in-place systems involve two chemicals that combine in “real time” to form a unique foam mold around the product being packaged. The mixture is collected in a polyethylene bag to protect the item, then rapidly expands (as much as 200 times in size in a matter of seconds), surrounding and encapsulating the product in its own custom-shaped shell. This makes for a very safe and protective smart packaging solution, especially for businesses shipping irregularly-shaped or fragile items that need to be delivered with care.
Plus, because the custom protective casing forms around the item so quickly, the overall production line can be sped up, significantly improving productivity. So, now that you know the benefits of foam-in-place packaging, let’s show you how to maximize productivity and upgrade your operation even more. It’s time to say hello to Maxwell.

Maxwell’s Smart Packaging Features

Maxwell offers SmartBagger users a more personalized customer experience with endless features and benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Offers reliable foam-in-bag packaging performance.
  • Maximize 5 Degrees of Separation: telemetry, bar-coding, equipment, customer focused, the advantage program.
  • Empowers users with the simple touch of a finger through its intuitive touchscreen design
  • Meet diverse needs through touchscreen personalization.
  • Customize access levels (operator, manager, service technicians).
  • Enhance training and troubleshooting with the ability to add photos and/or instructional videos to help packers understand how to operate the machine.
  • Connect machines to disseminate new packing procedures or product specifications.
  • Adapts to your specific needs and production environment.
  • Provides control and metrics for data analysis to ensure repeatability.
  • Load and extract data remotely.
  • Set smart packaging operation modes such as when to “go to sleep” and when to “wake up” as well as the ability to set “self-cleaning” schedules which can all extend the life cycle of wearable parts.

Smart Packaging and Shipping Solutions with Hughes

When making protective packaging decisions for your business, there are many factors at play including product safety, consumer satisfaction, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, because of dimensional weight concerns, it’s important to maximize protection without excess packaging materials. For businesses trying to keep shipping costs down, this is critical.
At Hughes, we have all your smart packaging supplies and equipment to help you improve production and shipping operations. Learn about the advantages of protective packaging supplies from Hughes today to see how we can offer you a total (protective) package.