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5 Mistakes That Could Be Slowing Down Your Packaging Line

5 Mistakes That Could Be Slowing Down Your Packaging Line

Make sure your packaging line is not slowing down from your mistakes.An efficient packaging line is all about knowing the process from start to finish, paying great attention to detail, and making sure that each part of the line functions like it should. When even one part of the puzzle isn’t quite right, the entire line can fail. Here are five common mistakes that could be slowing down your packaging line and what you can do to get your operation back up and running.

1. Equipment in the Wrong Order – If you don’t take the time to set up your equipment right the first time, any step that is out of order will result in lost time trying to fix it after everything has gone through the line. Carefully plan the line and verify. At Hughes Enterprises, we offer excellent custom engineering solutions in order to design and integrate shipping and packaging line systems.

2. Trying to Keep Initial Costs Too Low – This is a pricey mistake that can end up costing more money to fix than the amount it would have taken to get the right equipment in the first place. Some companies are reluctant to get the automated machinery needed to enhance the performance of their lines because it can seem like an overwhelming initial investment. The truth is, once the equipment is in place, production and packaging output has the strong potential to dramatically boost ROI.

3. Processing Speed is an Afterthought – Not all machines are made equally, and that goes for the speed at which they are able to safely and efficiently operate, too. Knowing the capabilities of every single piece of packaging equipment should make bottlenecks a thing of the past. Hughes Enterprises specializes in designing and implementing proper packaging equipment solutions in all areas for many different industries.

4. Complex Packaging – This one is especially easy to miss because packaging design is supposed to make it easier for everyone, right? If your package is too large, it can require more time (and cost you more money) in the automation process than you might expect. This is where open communication with packaging designers comes in handy. Requesting a consult with these professionals in the planning stages can give them an idea of the line’s capabilities and take any limitations in consideration.

5. Skipping Regular Maintenance – Packaging machines are becoming more and more user friendly, but that doesn’t mean that you can set them up and never look at them again. Any piece of equipment with moving parts is going to wear down sooner or later, so why not catch them before it happens with a regular maintenance check? It also wouldn’t hurt to have a few spare parts in reserve for machine repairs. It’s going to happen, so you might as well be as prepared as you can.

The Best Plan is a Preventative One

While you will never be able to predict every eventuality, a solid prevention plan for your packaging line is a great place to start. We service packaging equipment in the Philadelphia region, New Jersey and Delaware. Contact our packaging experts today to learn more about what our repair service technicians can do for your packaging and shipping needs.