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More Tips on How Packaging Design Can Add Brand Value

More Tips on How Packaging Design Can Add Brand Value

customized packaging that increases brand value

There are many ways in which a brand can add value. From higher quality parts incorporated into their design, to innovations in technology, and so forth. One of the key areas—and what we think is also one of the easiest yet most effective areas—is in the packaging.

With the right packaging, a product can actually add brand value by appearing more expensive. This concept is simple and available for any brand or business that packages their products in boxes and ships them out as fast as possible.

Customers take notice of the thought and design put into each element of a product’s packaging: from the paper used for cushioning, to the way the box folds together, even down to the placement and style of the shipping labels. This means that a brand or business that takes the time to focus on the value of the packaging translates to the consumer recognizing a product they may never have used as valuable. Simply from how it’s all put together and arriving at their doorstep.

When it comes to packaging design, there are countless ways in which to do it properly. Something that brands often don’t take into consideration is that taking the extra time can yield big results. Taking the time to design, customize, and implement your product packaging will not only add value to your brand but also show its value.

Showing a product’s value is a concept that is crucial to any e-commerce brand, and doing so through the packaging is one of the easiest ways. Added value translates directly into more sales. A customer will look at a brand’s product packaging and buy, simply because the packaging looks valuable. Brand story can be incorporated into the packaging as well, which is another facet of brands showing their value by the packaging choices they make.  

Below are some tips to remember about packaging design as it relates to showing brand value.

Think Outside of The Box

When it comes to packaging your product, the design of the box that it’s packed in is everything. Take an idea another brand has already done and turn it on its head. Even turning something as simple as a cardboard box that fits a phone can turn into creating one of the most iconic box designs that’s been done. Instantly recognizable, and pristinely packaged.

Taking an outside-the-box thinking approach can lead to finding new and innovate ways to even just opening the box for your product. There truly are endless possibilities to a brand’s product kitting design. A good place to look is within the type of product or industry a brand’s product is in.

Consumers Judge Products by Their Packaging

There are many consumers that will simply buy a product because of the packaging it was packaged within. A design that stands out and makes a striking first impression allows a brand to capitalize on packaging potential. Doing otherwise is simply wasted time and lost money.

Consumers will judge a book by its cover when it comes to product packaging. They will decide if they like a product or not simply by how it arrives at their doorstep.

Something else to consider in showing off a brand’s value is designing it for delivery in the mail. If a customer has an entire experience in opening the product, it creates an added allure. Things like bespoke boxes help show a brand’s value.

Multi-Purpose Packaging

If a brand has created packaging for their product that can also be used as something else, they’ve added value to their product. This means taking what is normal packaging—for instance, tissue paper—and customizing it with designs that can be saved and used as other gift packaging for a consumer’s family or friends will help show a product’s value.

What’s created is a natural conversation about where the consumer got the tissue paper from, in turn creating word of mouth for that brand. This way of approaching brand packaging creates instant added value.

Stay in Season

Using the tissue paper example above, a brand that chooses to customize their tissue paper used in packaging has the ability to constantly change with the seasons. Printed tissue paper can be used to easily re-brand or simply freshen up a brand’s look. Designs can also be used to attract the attention of potential customers, who simply are intrigued by what they’re seeing.  

A simple touch like Inspyre Paper from Pregis to a brand’s kitting can add a new experience in a consumer’s unboxing of the product. Whether choosing to print messages, brand slogans, or designs that match up with a sale or current time of year, there are many different ways to create as many different customer experiences for a brand.

Be Environmentally Friendly

This is always something good to think about for brands. Many consumers have this on their mind when buying a product and will choose not to buy products because a brand is not being environmentally conscious.

A way that a brand can help do this is by removing some of the kitting choices within their products and replacing them with more biodegradable materials. Strive to use the most sustainable packaging possible for your products.

That same approach can be taken to what’s inside the box when a consumer opens it as well. Choosing fun, exciting, and experience-enhancing types of packaging and packaging materials is a great way for a brand to show their value. And it’s done without the product even having left the box yet.

How Will You Add Value?

These are just some of the tips for how a brand can use packaging to add brand value. There are many others, which is why Hughes Enterprises is here to help.

Our packaging design specialists are familiar with all the types of materials that can be used to help enhance a consumer’s unboxing experience. Contact us today to get started.