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How Product Packaging Affects Consumer Buying Decisions

How Product Packaging Affects Consumer Buying Decisions

Using traditional brown boxes for shipping purposes causes businesses to miss out on a perfect marketing opportunity. Consumers often develop an emotional attachment to specific brands. Utilizing every opportunity to address this bond can ensure returning customers. Happy customers spread the news to friends and family, growing a business’s consumer pool. Product packaging experts are familiar with the many ways plain packaging can be transformed and boost brand awareness (and ROI).

Influence Buying Decisions

According to Verónica Maria Jarski of, one-third of consumer purchase choices are based on packaging. It is important to provide an eye-catching design. A customer’s first impression of a product, before they ever pick it up, is vital. Not only should designs inspire purchases, they should also cause a ripple effect, attracting new customers.

4 Ways Product Packaging Affects Consumer Decisions

1. An Effective Logo.

As mentioned earlier, consumers have a tendency to attach emotions to specific brands. This also applies to brand logos. An effective logo can easily help customers recall memories and feelings on sight. If these memories and feelings have positive associations with the brand logo, then ideally this will help businesses build long-term relationships with consumers. Hughes even offers you the option to customize your own packaging labels to include your logo.

2. Attention to Package Coloring.

Most product packaging experts know one of the fastest ways to catch a consumer’s attention and boost brand awareness is with color. Color plays a massive role in influencing customer purchases. Lindsay Kolowich on provides an infographic depicting which colors are used in particular marketing situations. For instance, red is often used during clearance sales to create a sense of urgency.

3. Legible and Eye-catching Typography.

Font choice is another important aspect of design. While color is used to draw consumers in, text lets consumers know what the benefits of a particular product are. If the words are too difficult to read, or if the text isn’t streamlines for quick scanning, customers are likely to become frustrated and move on to a different product. As mentioned on, customers take seven seconds – on average – to judge whether or not they want to buy a product. Making the packaging easily legible is vital. Hughes offers user friendly case label applicators to fit any businesses needs.

4. Unique Package Design that Stands Out.

According to an infographic released by, 52% of online consumers would return to a business for another purchase if they received merchandise in premium packaging. Consumers are also likely to reuse unique, well-designed packaging. This offers a secondary form of marketing for businesses utilizing word-of-mouth tactics.

Hughes Enterprises: Packaging Systems Solutions

Hughes provides many opportunities for proper packaging. Take a look at what we offer and visit our website. Customers interested in purchasing a product may also feel free to contact a Hughes representative. The goal of Hughes representatives is to help consumers purchase exactly the item that they need to suit their business. As product packaging experts, Hughes Enterprises has the variety any warehouse or distribution center is searching for.