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Top 8 Packaging Automation Machines

Top 8 Packaging Automation Machines

Recently in Packaging Digest, they published an article, “Packaging Automation Developments of 2015,” releasing a list of the top packaging automation and machinery advancements from last year.

1. Robots

From switchable vacuum generators and automatic case sealers, to robots with two arms and three vision systems, robots are playing a role to maximize automation needs in many industries. The “increase in robotics integration has resulted in higher production rates, improved quality and improved safety—all by reducing the effects of challenging work environments and eliminating the impact of external environmental factors.” Packaging automation machines—such as a pick and place robot—are rapidly becoming a staple in operations for the food and beverage industries.

2. Smart Sensors

Continuing developments in sensing technology have fueled user expectations in nearly every industry. Increases in productivity can be gained with smart functionality such as parameter cloning, remote parameter changes, line changeover and predictive maintenance.

3. Conveyor

As the demand for speed, reduced cost and integrated automation grows, so does the need for conveyor systems. Systematically move your products quickly and efficiently through your distribution center to make transporting products to their final destination a lot faster and safer.

4. Case Packers

Case packing systems are created with the goal of offering a company a viable alternative to hand packing that ensures the product gets to its location in a tightly packed box to limit damage during transit.

5. Stretch Wrapper

A properly contained load does more than simply hold everything in place and keep it safe in transit. Your custom packaging automation stretch wrapper ensures that your product remains straight on the pallet and doesn’t interfere or collide with other pallets while in shipping. Boost distribution RIO with simple film loading that maximizes pre-stretch performance and minimizes wear.

6. Flexible Packaging

Form-fill and automatic bagging systems help optimize the packaging process, maximize time and labor and reduce materials costs. Flexible packaging is a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution

7. Inspection Systems

For companies needing inspection systems, a diverse range of technologies including X-ray, vision, and thermal imaging have become widely available.

8. Filling Machines

As e-commerce continues to develop, the demands for security, productivity and profitability in packaging and shipping are higher than ever. Thankfully, modular designs for filling machines in recent years have added flexibility and speed up delivery times. Hughes offers several void fill systems that will deliver void fill on demand; ideal for workstation or on-line applications, our equipment provides excellent protection while reducing material and shipping costs.

Hughes Enterprises: Packaging Systems Solutions

Hughes Enterprises provides an economical solution to both large and small warehouses. With adaptable machines that can be programmed to do a majority of the packing work, this equipment saves both time and money. Call us at 1-267-409-6100 to get more information on what sort of packaging equipment is right for your warehouse.