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Packaging for E-Commerce? Buy Shrink Wrap!

Packaging for E-Commerce? Buy Shrink Wrap!

Buy Shrink WrapThe way your product arrives on your customer’s door step can make all the difference in whether they have a positive experience with your brand. Ultimately, packaging may be the factor in their decision to repurchase a product. And unfortunately, if a product arrives to a home or business damaged, you could potentially lose that customer from that single negative experience. First impressions are everything, right! Packaging is meant to not only contain and inform, but also to protect. And to protect your goods, you need to use the right packaging materials, supplies and equipment. Below, our packaging experts have put together some great reasons to buy shrink wrap protective product and how thinking like your customers can help you pack it right.

Why Buy Shrink Wrap for E-Commerce?

As we’re seeing more and more e-commerce products delivered to doorsteps, it’s important to provide the consumer with a peace-of-mind and separate yourself from the rest. Used to bundle multiple products, shrink wrap film can help to protect your precious retail goods. Loose film is wrapped around a package and when heat is applied, either by a heat gun or a heat tunnel, the film shrinks firmly and tightly around its contents.
This conventional method of product packaging comes with a variety of benefits including:

  • Cost effective materials
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Process of wrapping and shrink wrap equipment demands a small amount of factory space
  • Shrink wrapped packages take up less space for shipping
  • Strength of shrink wrap is high to protect against abrasion, punctures and impact
  • Versatility allows for a wide range of products to be wrapped easily

The two most common types of shrink wrap film are PVC (works well with automated equipment and used with non-edible products) and Polyolefin (offers stronger seal, less odor and more flexible storage).

Shrink Wrap vs. Stretch Wrap

Shrink wrap is commonly used to protect and package a single product or a small number of products together, like toys or small digital products. It is often used to water bottles, bundle soda and various other packaged products together. Stretch wrap, on the other hand, is used to hold boxes and products together on a pallet to contain shipments during transportation.

Pack it Right- Think Like Your Customers

The ultimate customer experience is always the goal. You want your customers to be thrilled when they receive your products, quality that is second-to-none. When considering the condition of your product, every step matters, from the safety and protection of the product to how it’s boxed and shipped. When it comes to packing your products, your customers are your best resources. Most likely safety and tamper prevention are priorities. But is excessive packaging a concern? How about sustainability and cost efficiencies? Think like your customers and pack it right.

Buy Shrink Wrap Film and Equipment From Hughes

Shrink wrapping products is becoming an increasingly popular solution among retail and packaging companies. Designed to help you cut costs and save space, Hughes offers a wide selection of shrink wrap products and commercial shrink wrap equipment to small and large businesses across the nation.

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