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Commercial Packaging Equipment Overview: Sharp Auto Bagging

Commercial Packaging Equipment Overview: Sharp Auto Bagging

Sharp Max 12 Auto BaggingShrink wrapping equipment is a cost efficient packaging option; it requires up to 75% less material than traditional methods of commercial packaging equipment and takes up less space. This is a great way for businesses to reduce material costs. However, it is not the only way to reduce costs. The right automatic bagging equipment can also help, maximizing time and labor. In today’s economy, businesses must be clever, utilizing the most efficient, cost effective technology available.

What is Auto Bagging?

As the name suggests, this type of commercial packaging equipment is designed to replace manual packaging of various components with an automated system. There are many benefits to such a system, including reduction in labor costs, fast job set-up and completion, and removal of human error. Automatic bagging systems also provide a much faster alternative to traditional manual systems of bagging.

4 Commercial Packaging Equipment Options from Sharp

1. Sharp MAX Auto Bagging Equipment. This particular machine can accommodate bags up to 20” wide and 40” long. The Sharp MAX is 50% faster than other printers with reduced cycle times and the ability to run multiple applications on one machine. Choose between vertical or horizontal loading capacities for, and simply let the equipment do the work. One Sharp MAX can replace roughly four hand load stations, along with many other benefits. Its standard parts allow for easy maintenance, making this machine an excellent choice.

2. Sharp SX Auto Bagging Equipment. This machine is a bit more versatile in its bag size. Capable of running bags from 2” – 11” wide and 4” – 32” long, this product is great for long, skinny items. An excellent feature of the Sharp SX is its ability to label or address bags. With an all-electric design, this machine can be placed anywhere, making it an extremely convenient addition to any packaging facility.

3. Sharp Hawk Auto Bagging Equipment. Perfect for any business on a tight budget, this compact machine is the most affordable on the market. Highly versatile, the Sharp Hawk can bag products ranging from hardware, coffee, pharmaceuticals and a wide variety of other products. It is also capable of handling a multitude of different bad types, including gusseted and stand-up bags.

4. Sharp T7 Auto Bagging Equipment. This product is used for packaging shop towels, wipers, mop heads, bar towels, and other textiles. This particular machine is excellent for reducing labor costs. Instead of employing workers to sort, fold, and process such products as those listed, this machine will do the work instead. The Sharp T7 is also highly mobile, allowing it to be positioned wherever it is needed.

A Top of the Line Commercial Packaging Equipment Supplier

Hughes Enterprises aims to provide customers with top of the line equipment. More information on each of the Sharp products listed above can be seen on the machine’s product page. As an added benefit, Hughes Enterprises also provides demonstration videos and brochures on Sharp merchandise. For assistance in choosing the most appropriate product, contact a Hughes representative.