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Commercial Packaging Equipment Overview: Shrink Wrap Equipment

Commercial Packaging Equipment Overview: Shrink Wrap Equipment

Damark PlexPack SZ SeriesThe first question to ask when investing in shrink wrap equipment is this: What merchandise is handled by the distribution or packing center? Commercial packaging equipment comes in many varieties, such as straight-bar shrink wrappers (for packaging CDs, DVDs, and books) and shrink bundlers (used in packaging stacks of appliances, electronics, bundles of paper, etc…). Designed to cut costs and save space, shrink wrap equipment is a necessity in today’s world of commercial packaging.

4 Types of Commercial Packaging Equipment

1. The L-Bar Sealer. This machine is named for the L-shaped seal configuration made while sealing packages. Simultaneously, the L-bar sealer makes the end and side seals of one package while also making the front seal of the following package. Best for use in distribution centers where speeds are moderate or space is limited, for example, the Conflex Automatic-Bar Sealer can be highly versatile in any operation.

2. Shrink Bundlers. The primary function of shrink bundlers is to wrap collections of merchandise together. As mentioned above, such machines can be used on a huge collection of items. Stacks of appliances, electronics, and bundles of paper are only a few items on a long list of what these machines can work with. They can also handle stacks of books, tools in trays, and much more. Hughes offers many options including the Damark B Series of shrink bundlers, tray wrappers, and sleeve wrappers.

3. Inline Sleeve Wrappers. Highly versatile, this type of equipment is designed to seal the open ends of plastic sleeve packages, providing merchandise with protection from many damaging factors. As with the shrink bundlers, inline sleeve wrappers can be used on a multitude of products. Some include magazines, boxed candy, egg cartons, knock-down furniture, office partitions, and more.

4. The Shrink Tunnel. Sometimes referred to as an oven, a shrink tunnel may be equipped with a roller conveyor or a belt conveyor. These heated tunnels are mounted around one of these conveyor systems. Items to be packaged are loosely covered with shrink film, and travel along the conveyor. The heat applied by the shrink tunnel causes the wrap to tighten, allowing it to fit snugly around the merchandise.

An Overview on Shrink Wrap Equipment

Hughes Enterprises offers an exceptional variety of machines. Listed above are the basic types of equipment utilized by many distribution or packaging centers. Such machines are highly versatile and come in many shapes and sizes. Each model is listed with its capabilities, specifications, and standard features to help businesses choose the right gear for the job. With the amount of options to choose from, companies will feel as if they are able to tailor their equipment to their specific needs.

Shop for Commercial Packaging Equipment with Hughes Enterprises

Hughes Enterprises provides installation services and training on how to use all equipment. With products from Conflex, Damark, and Kallfass, businesses will find exactly what they are looking for. Contact a Hughes representative for assistance in choosing the most appropriate product for your business needs.