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Hughes Packaging Solutions – Sharp SX Auto Bagging Equipment

Hughes Packaging Solutions – Sharp SX Auto Bagging Equipment

Traditional bagging methods can lead to expensive label and labor costs needed to load bags, frequently having to do time-consuming changeovers every 200 bags. As a result, your package appearance can be less than desirable, often ending up with crooked and with imperfect seals. Let Hughes Enterprises assess your current infrastructure and offer potential packaging solutions and improvements for your current process.

Featuring a wider maximum bag width and full-color touchscreen, one such solution may be the Sharp Packaging Systems’ SX tabletop semi-automatic bagging machine. The Sharp SX tabletop machine prints the address onto the bag, then opens and seals it once the product is inserted. The SX machine is 10% smaller and 30% lighter, and is suitable for applications where products are inserted into bags by hand.

Simply load, print and seal your bag in one simple step with the revolutionary Sharp SX Auto Bagging Equipment. Known for its innovation and backed by its reputation for quality and reliability, the possibilities are endless. Sharp’s E-Z Bags® feed through the machine, are labeled or addressed, then opened automatically. Simply insert the product, and then the bag is sealed. See below for more key features of the revolutionary SX bagger by Sharp Packaging Systems:

• Bags are blown open for easy loading and the labeling is done directly on the bag to decrease labor and material costs. Save 30-50% by using Sharp’s mailer bags vs. paper envelopes.
• The Sharp SX is consistent, delivering tamper evident seals.
• Simply plug and pack. This all electric design can be used absolutely anywhere you need it. And fewer moving parts mean less maintenance!
• The Sharp SX has a 6″ wide printhead for larger print area and can accommodate bags from 2″ up to 9″ wide and 4″ up to 32″ long.
• It features a self-diagnostic trouble-shooting PLC controller which allows for a quick identification of problems with quick resolutions.
• The auto-rol tension system results in fast bag roll changes which improve productivity. Loading thousands of bags becomes simplified by eliminating the need for cumbersome web-handling devices.
• The integrated pivoting head has the option to print unique variable information per bag (for example, load and print bags from a database or mailing list) or to print series of bags; accommodating to your operational needs.

Sharp SX: Load, Print and Seal in One Simple Step

Hughes, Moving You Forward

Companies often look for ways to maximize time and labor and reduce materials costs. The right automatic bagging packaging system, designed for you by Sharp Packaging Systems, Inc. can meet those objectives and more. Hughes Enterprises, through our partnership with Sharp Packaging, offers innovative solutions for all your flexible packaging needs.

To learn more about the Sharp SX Auto Bagging Equipment or any of our automatic bagging machines, contact us now to talk to a representative from Hughes Enterprises today.