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Packaging Sustainability Solutions

Packaging Sustainability Solutions

Reduce your carbon footprint and learn packaging sustainability solutions. Reduce. Renew. Recycle. These are all part of packaging sustainability solutions to help companies reduce their carbon footprints and manage packaging and shipping costs. We understand and believe that reducing and recycling is more important than ever for the environment as well as brand loyalty, which is why we work with customers across a wide range of industries to optimize and create packaging system solutions that are environmentally friendly, cost less and protect products efficiently.

People have continued to demonstrate their desire to learn about the wide range of options available for pursuing more sustainable packaging. In fact, “Reduce, reuse, recycle” was the theme for’s top 10 most-read articles of 2015.


Making distribution operations that are more energy efficient and creating packages that are smaller and lighter can help to reduce overall costs and make a positive impact on our environment. A solution may be as simple as reducing the width of your box sealing tape or it may be as involved as redesigning your distribution center equipment operations.

At Hughes Enterprises, we offer integrated packaging engineering to design and integrate shipping and packaging lines. Whether you are just beginning to automate, or are looking for a total turnkey packaging line, we have the in-house capability to lay out and tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.


Sustainable packaging remains a long-term overall trend in the foodservice packaging industry, with an increasing focus on compostable packaging, according to the Foodservice Packaging Institute’s 2015 Trends Report. So, take a proactive approach by using renewable materials; and as a bonus, optimizing your packaging can also lead to potential tax benefits as well!


Part of the solution is what your customers are doing with the packaging after they’ve received their package in the mail. Plastic bags are generally recyclable but if they’re not disposed of properly, can lead to serious issues. Paper and corrugated cardboard are easily recyclable and offer additional benefits including added strength while remaining lightweight.

Hughes Packaging Sustainability Options

Sustainability is not a one-time thing. It’s a continual process that is quickly becoming the norm for most businesses. While eco-friendly packaging solutions may seem overwhelming at first, Hughes team of packaging professionals can help you sort through all the options to create the best strategy for your business’ needs.

Green Consulting Services with Hughes

Interested in becoming a greener company? Hughes and Twice Green Consulting Services will assess your current packaging profiles. We then develop plans to more responsibly source materials, including using renewable energy in your production, using materials that can be recycled and “upcycled” for subsequent use, are safe and effective for people and the environment, and achieve the ultimate goal of the package – to safely transport, protect, and promote the product contained within.

For more information on the Green consulting services Hughes Enterprises has to offer contact a Hughes Sales Representative for assistance.