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Protective Packaging Materials

Protective Packaging Materials
Reduce Damage Rate

Finding the proper balance between right sized cartons and Protective Packaging solutions can be challenging. A Hughes certified packaging consultant is available to provide you with the answer.

We recommend a variety of different types of Protective Packaging Materials:

  • Curbside Recyclable Mailers: Make the switch from typical polymer-based bubble envelopes to 100% curbside recyclable mailers

  • Foam in Place: Liquid foam is poured into a bag or liner, where it quickly expands up to 200x its size, nestling the item in place

  • Suspension and Retention: Strong, clear film protects products from shock and vibration during shipping

  • Bubble Wrap: Offers an alternative to loose fill

  • Air Bags: Systems deliver air-filled cushions on demand

  • Paper Void Fill: Perfect for sharp products, having small voids or if you are promoting an environmental image

Learn more below. To discuss which protective packaging material would be best for your application, contact a Hughes Sales Representative today.

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Curbside Recyclable Mailers

Save both money and the planet with curbside recyclable mailers, a protective packaging product many consumers look for when shopping online.

Foam in Place

Foam in place packaging, or “on-demand” foam, creates a custom cushion around fragile, heavy items.

Suspension and Retention

This packaging surrounds products with a strong, low-slip film. It’s fast, cost effective, high performance and easy to use.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap offers an alternative to loose fill. This flexible cushioning is lightweight and clean. It also allows for transparent product identification.

Air Bags

Air Bag systems deliver air-filled cushions on demand. They’re ideal for workstation or on-line applications. Features include:

  • Provide excellent protection and efficient void fill while reducing material and shipping costs

  • Can be produced in a wide range of sizes

  • Versatile, On-Demand Air Bag Packaging

  • Saves Valuable Warehouse Space

  • Fast and Easy To Use

  • Clean, Professional-Looking Packages

  • Outstanding, Lightweight Protection

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Paper Void Fill

Paper packing is the choice for you when:

  • Packaging products that are sharp

  • Packaging products that are less freight sensitive

  • Packaging has small voids

  • If you are promoting an environmental image

Manufacturers we stand behind
Manufacturers we stand behind

Hughes Enterprises offers fully-automated packaging systems from industry leader Sealed Air. Contact us to learn more about our manufacturer partnerships.

We’re there when you need us
We’re there when you need us

When downtime strikes on your packaging line, never wonder who to call to get operations back up and running. Hughes Enterprises offers 24/7 maintenance and support for the life of your automated packaging system.

An E-commerce Manager of a Pet Supply Distribution Center is saying...

Hughes has been a great partner in our growth throughout the years. Hughes is always looking for ways to provide us new and cost-effective ideas that will help us provide a great customer experience.

A Plant Engineer of a Large Food Manufacturer is saying...

My first experience with Hughes Enterprises was in 2004. We had a challenging plant installation for a custom food processor and Hughes Enterprises was able to bring the right solutions to us and build in for potential growth. I have relied on Hughes Enterprises ever since for our packaging needs.

An E-commerce Manager is saying...

Service in our industry is paramount and the service provided by Hughes has been outstanding; we are very fortunate to have a partner like Hughes Enterprises.

A Service Manager of a National Electronics Retailer is saying...

We partner with Hughes Enterprises for dependability and cost-savings. They are a team of dedicated, responsive, knowledgeable individuals who help to make my job as a Purchasing Agent flawless.

A Service Manager is saying

Service in our industry is paramount and the service provided by Hughes has been outstanding; we are very fortunate to have a partner like Hughes Enterprises.

A Plant Engineer is saying

Hughes has the expertise and knowledge to provide the proper equipment at a completive price. They listen to our needs and even travel thousands of miles to serve us to ensure we get the proper packaging equipment solutions and are always on site for start-up and “after the sale” support. They continue to exceed our expectations. This relationship has spanned well over a decade.

A Printing Company Manager is saying

We partner with Hughes Enterprises for dependability and cost-savings. They are a team of dedicated, responsive, knowledgeable individuals who help to make my job as a Purchasing Agent flawless.

A Purchasing Manager is saying...

The workmanship and fortitude of the Hughes sales rep far surpasses our expectations in this fast-paced and demanding industry.

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