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Suspension and Retention Packaging

Suspension and Retention Packaging

Explore Suspension & Retention

This packaging surrounds products with a strong, low-slip film. It’s fast, cost effective, high performance and easy to use.

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Suspension and retention packaging surrounds products with a strong, low-slip film. The clear film protects products from shock and vibration during shipping. It’s fast, cost effective, high performance, and easy to use.

This type of protective packaging material can help improve the customer unboxing experience as well. Upon opening the box, customers will be able to immediately see the product safely nestled inside the minimal packaging.

Suspension and retention packaging can also help you save on DIM weight. The ships-flat design eliminates excessive packaging and void fill materials. And, since it stores flat, it saves space in the warehouse.

We offer Sealed Air’s Korrvu suspension and retention packaging product line. This includes a solution for nearly every application, from wine bottles to laptops. Learn about the various options below.

To learn more about suspension and retention packaging, contact a Hughes packaging professional today.

Korrvu by Sealed Air

Korrvu Lok

  • Retention insert

  • Helps secure items that go in the box but aren’t secured by the film

  • Cost-effective solution to blocking and bracing

Korrvu Select for Wine and Spirits

  • Stock packaging

  • Minimal materials with maximum protection

  • For one to three bottles of wine or similar items up to 750 mL

Korrvu Select Retention Packaging

  • 4 stock sizes available

  • Ship a variety of products

  • More cost effective than custom Korrvu’s extra costs of setup fees and additional equipment

Korrvu Select Suspension Packaging

  • Products are suspended between two layers of film

  • Keeps products secure and protected during shipping

  • Perfect for fragile and delicate items

We’re there when you need us
We’re there when you need us

Hughes Enterprises offers 24/7 on-site maintenance and support services, so you never have to wonder who to call when downtime strikes. Whether you’re looking for installation assistance, routine maintenance or emergency support, reach out to discuss your needs with a factory certified support technician.

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