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Pharma Packaging Design Considerations

Pharma Packaging Design Considerations

Pharma Packaging Design The pharmaceutical industry has been around for quite a long time, but it still remains one of the frontiers when it comes to packaging design. Pharma packaging design is intrinsically linked to how consumers see the product and as a result is one of the more important aspects of a pharmaceutical company’s marketing concerns. Pharma packaging design is a complicated subject because labels on pharmaceuticals need to conform to certain FDA and EPA regulations on what needs to be displayed and comply with child resistant packaging requirements. Packaging as a whole is such an important facet of the industry that by 2025, it is estimated that packaging will make up as much as two-thirds of the entire industry by market share.

Packaging and Patients

Pharma packaging design is crucial in a number of ways, but most importantly in how it affects the end user. The design is the point of contact between the prescription and the patient; proper packaging can encourage a user to keep up with his or her prescription. Difficult-to-use packaging deters users from utilizing the product and this in turn means that there could be a much larger likelihood of the patient foregoing their recommended treatment.

Innovations in Pharma Packaging Design

In recent tests, some pharmaceutical companies have taken to thinking outside the box when it comes to their pharma packaging design. One concept is that of a packaging design that, like a banana, tends to “go bad” as the expiration date for the medicine contained within approaches. Other innovations include temperature protection, where a bottle will give some sort of color warning if the place it’s stored in is too hot or too cold, possibly even denature the product so that it is harmless if such a situation occurs. The thinking in the pharmaceutical packaging departments around the world lean towards making innovative packaging that makes it easier to use the product in the best circumstances. As time goes by these innovations could make their way onto consumer shelves in large quantities.

More than a Gimmick

Although a lot of packaging departments try to utilize gimmicks in order to develop packaging for their products, the pharmaceutical company doesn’t need to. Instead, what pharma packaging design should seek to do is to make the medicine contained within it more accessible to the user. Packaging design is a point of contact between the user and the drug and as such has a responsibility to make the drug more appealing to the patient. That’s why new and striking ideas in the field of pharma packaging design tend to be adopted by industry leaders.

Eco-Friendly Pharma Packaging Solutions

Pharmaceutical manufacturers can save money and offer better protection for products just by choosing the right pharmaceutical packaging design solutions. And because of the rising energy and paper costs, eco-friendly packaging has become even more appealing to the pharmaceutical industry because of its cost efficiency. Plus, switching to reusable and recyclable packaging (without compromising safety or accessibility) is an important contribution to the health of our environment.

Packaging Solutions Company

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