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Preventing Stretch Film Mistakes

Preventing Stretch Film Mistakes

Avoid stretch film mistakes.When companies have spent so much time and money on creating a product (development), attracting the customer (marketing), and working with the customer (selling), they don’t want to find any faults in getting the product to the customer once the purchase is complete (shipping). Unfortunately, estimates show that nearly $30 billion dollars of goods are lost each year due to poor stretch wrapping practices and constant jarring and vibrating of shipments in transportation. Thankfully, proper stretch wrapping techniques will protect your products from damage and keep them safe during the shipping processes. In addition, common stretch film mistakes can be prevented with just a simple understanding of what the job of stretch film is supposed to accomplish.

What Exactly Does Stretch Film Do?

A stretch wrap is a clinging film of plastic that is the final packaging put on a pallet of boxes ready for shipment. The wrap is pulled tightly around the products and stretches out and shrinks back once applied.

It is a must-have for any business or industry looking to save time and money on their packaging operations. Learn more about the benefits of stretch wrap film.

It contains the products tightly

A good stretch wrap is meant to bind and protect the boxes together once on the pallet. It prevents any products from falling or slipping during transport. The bumps and jostles of transport can cause items to come loose and without a tight seal around the package, restraining it from the bumps of shipment, your product could get rattled or vibrated quite easily. This isn’t just about loss of product through damage, but also effective storage on your end and also on the receiving end. A forklift needs to be able to easily and safely store the pallet alongside other pallets. Without a stretch wrap binding the products they could come loose, slip and fall or get damaged in storage.

It binds the boxes to the pallet

Once the boxes are stacked on the pallet, a stretch wrap is tightly wound around the pallet and boxes. This binds the boxes together as previously mentioned, and also binds those packages to the pallet. This creates a secure pallet that can be quickly and efficiently moved and stored. It also creates a cost-effective way to transport several boxes at once with minimal effort. Without the tight binding to the pallet itself, the products could come loose in transport and be lost or misplaced. Stretch film protects products in transport.

It secures the load from accidents or loose ends

If a tail end of stretch wrap drags or dangles from the pallet, it could catch and tumble the entire load. It can cause serious risk to those who work around it. Stretch wrap contains all loose ends and are properly tied off once fully wrapped.

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