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Ensure Product Safety and Surface Protection During Shipping

Ensure Product Safety and Surface Protection During Shipping

Surface Protection During ShippingYou have a successful product, you have an effective marketing campaign and you have top-of-the-line customer service. But once your customer places an order online, are you ready to deliver? To ensure product safety and surface protection during shipping, it’s important to consider the type of void fill that will help resist scratching, absorb impact and be applicable for most surfaces without adding extra weight to your package.

At Hughes, we offer a diverse variety of protective packaging to guard products from external factors such as environmental, handling and transportation. Whether you’re shipping and protecting automotive parts, finished metals, painted glass, plastic or precious jewelry, you will find a surface protection option that provides reliable protection from marring, abrasions, scratching or scuffing.

From bubble wrap to foam-in-place, let’s look at your inner packaging options.

4 Protective Packaging Options to Ensure Surface Protection During Shipping

1. Bubble Wrap

Protect virtually any product during shipping with bubble wrap. Available in a variety of sizes (½”, 5/16”, or 3/16”), BUBBLEplus rolls can be delivered in custom roll lengths with perforated custom tear-off lengths and slit to varying widths.

2. Air Pillows

For your light to medium weight products, air pillows provide a durable brace around your products during shipping. They act as the ultimate shock absorber where and when it’s needed to provide optimum protection. And due to the inflate on demand, they require minimal storage space in your warehouse.

3. Paper

A perfect choice for sharp products or filling small voids, paper packing is a top environmentally-friendly choice to consider. 100% biodegradable and natural, paper packaging can be used and reused.

4. Instapak Foam-In-Place

Foam-in-place is an economical and efficient protective packaging option that offers the ultimate surface protection during shipping for products of almost any shape, size and weight. Since it expands in seconds to form a custom-fit cushion, it also requires less storage space than traditional packaging.

Surface Protection During Shipping

Regardless of what you’re distributing, to ensure your products arrive at their destination in the same pristine condition as they were when they left your distribution facility, put the focus on choosing the right protective packaging. We understand that you may not be able to see every shipment before it leaves the distribution center, but what you can do is establish the best strategy for protecting your products during transport.

Protective Packaging Strategy by Hughes

At Hughes, we will begin by assessing your product specifics (length, width and weight) to find the right packaging needs. Once we have basic dimensions and characteristics identified, we’ll discuss other specifics such as the degree of fragility and the Mullen Rating.

Talk with the experts at Hughes to find the best packaging options for your specific situation today. We have all your packaging supplies and equipment to help you improve your production and shipping operations. Learn about the advantages of protective packaging supplies from Hughes today. See how we can offer you the total (protective) package.