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Foam in Place Packaging

Foam in place packaging—or “on-demand” foam—by Sealed Air and Pregis, creates a custom cushion around fragile, heavy items.

Product Details

With foam in place packaging, liquid foam is poured into a bag or liner, where it quickly expands up to 200 times its size, nestling the item in place. We offer Sealed Air InstaPak and Pregis Intellipack.

Foam in place packaging provides excellent cushioning, is lightweight and moisture-resistant, and is non-abrasive, protecting even delicate items during shipment. It’s perfect for irregularly shaped items, especially fragile ones, and the speed at which it works makes for quick production lines, too.

Types of Foam in Place Packaging

  • The IntelliPack system by Pregis: IntelliPack by Pregis offers a cost-effective system that incorporates bar-coding for consistent, precise protection.
  • The InstaPak system by Sealed Air: InstaPak, the original foam-in-place product, lets you choose the size and quantity of foam fill with an easy-to-use, dependable system.

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