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Pregis Inspyre Tissue Paper

Level up the unboxing experience for your customers with colored or custom printed tissue paper by Pregis.

Product Details

Inspyre Paper will improve your customer experience. It’s great for e-commerce businesses who want to build their brand and for brick-and-mortar stores that what to match their shipped products to their in-store experience.

Inspyre paper is the only custom branded tissue paper dispensed through on-demand paper machines: the Pregis Easypack Quantum XT and the Pregis Easypack Quantum XTW. These on-demand paper void fill machines dispense the tissue paper directly into the box. Both are easy to load and use, offering the high throughput you expect.

Not only will this void fill system help improve internal operations, but your customers’ unboxing experience and brand loyalty will improve as well. According to research firm Package InSight, the perceived value of a brand and their products are greatly impacted by custom branded paper. For example, they found that “products packaged in branded tissue paper had a 24% higher perceived value than generic packaging.” Brand impressions and brand recall increased. And, in our increasingly connected digital world, the likelihood of sharing the unboxing and products rose more than 60% when custom branded tissue paper was used.

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  • Elevates your brand with custom branded tissue paper
  • Improve the unboxing experience
  • Increase the likelihood of social sharing
  • Sustainable and curbside recyclable
  • Ideal applications: upscale retail, subscription box services, consumer electronics, health and beauty, apparel, home goods, pet supply, sport and fitness, home goods, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and more
  • A portion of Inspyre Paper sales is donated to Uzima to provide water filters to vulnerable people


2-ply fanfold bundles
10- and 20-inch wide paper bundles
Available in a variety of stock colors to match your brand
Can be customized with brand artwork and prints

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