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Protect Your Products with a Stretch Wrapper

Protect Your Products with a Stretch Wrapper

Constant jarring and vibrating of shipments in transportation can loosen loads. Proper stretch wrapping will protect your products from damage and keep them safe during the shipping processes. Stretch film also keeps your products clean and dry. It’s no surprise that the condition and safety upon arrival matters greatly to your customers, so do it right with a stretch wrap machine from Hughes.

Protect Your Budget

Lantech Q-250 Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

Automatic stretch wrapping machines not only help you protect your products on the pallet, but they will also protect your bottom line. Stretch wrapping equipment reduces labor and material costs of your distribution operations. Automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers provide tighter and more stable loads than manual wrapping and have the added benefit of being ergonomically friendly by reducing back injuries associated with hand wrapping. Let’s compare the two:

Hand Wrapping Can Result in:

• Film waste
• 10% pre-stretch
• 12 loads per hour
• Uneven packaging
• Tedious and time consuming
• Manual labor

Stretch Wrapping Benefits:

• Film savings up to 66%
• 250% pre-stretch
• 55 loads per hour
• Professional packaging
• Quick and easy
• Minimal operator involvement

Watch your business’ production rates go up and labor costs go down with stretch wrap film usage. It’s more consistent, provides quality control and ensures damage-free distribution.

Protect Your Brand

If improperly wrapped products get damaged in transport, your brand can get damaged too. First impressions are very important to customers and if the outside of box is ruined, chances are your product will be too. Protect your image (and your goods) with proper stretch wrapping.

Tips To Ensure Protection

• Avoid film break due to sharp corners by keeping boxes stacked evenly.
• Properly thread the film. If a film roll is dropped or mishandled, it can result in a nick…a film break waiting to happen.
• Choose pre-stretch film. Pre-stretch is the process of elongating film and enhancing the yield of the film (standard on the majority of stretch wrapper machines) by using two rollers in the film delivery system to turn at different speeds causing the film to stretch.
• Apply the film tight but without crushing or twisting the load. Applying tension on the film can be a trial and error process depending on your product. The correct force will ensure proper protection without breaking the film or distorting the boxes. This is key to keeping your load safe.
• Bond the load to the pallet with a film cable.
• Check for any long or dragging film tails that could get caught.

These simple steps can make a big difference in product safety. It will save you time, money and stress. That pretty much wraps it up!

Choose Lantech Stretch Wrappers from Hughes

Hughes Enterprises offers several Lantech semi-automatic and automatic turntable stretch wrapper systems There are over 30 existing models, all featuring the Lantech Advantage. These basic models can all be customized with a wide range of options or engineered to meet any special requirements. Contact a Hughes Sales Representative for help in choosing the best Lantech stretch wrapper machine equipment for your packaging needs.