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Protect Your Brand With Pregis AirSpeed

Protect Your Brand With Pregis AirSpeed

Pregis AirSpeed HC VersaWhen you think of protecting your brand, you probably first think about customer satisfaction, compliance and reputation. But you should also be considering how your packaging is (literally) protecting your brand. With so much competition found in every industry online today, any blemishes in your brand could prove detrimental. To ensure yours will stand out from the rest (and stand strong), you need to have a successful operation right from the start. What does this mean? Because initial customer reactions are an important part of building first impressions and brand loyalty, protective packaging equipment can make all the difference. Hybrid protective packaging equipment from Pregis AirSpeed, for example, is designed to cushion, wrap, block and brace products with varying demand, size and shape. It pretty much does it all.

Let’s take a look.

Protective Packaging Equipment from Pregis AirSpeed

Pregis AirSpeed HC Versa

Through our partnership with Pregis, Hughes offers the AirSpeed HC Versa; Pregis puts the Versa in versatility with a new hybrid air cushioning system. This system has the option to produce a variety of cushion heights and widths on demand and at the fastest speed available on the market.

Pregis AirSpeed HC

The Airspeed HC is the original hybrid cushioning system that delivers superior cushioning materials on demand. It is designed for heavy duty performance and produces inflated cushions at 75 feet per minute. The Hybrid cushioning materials are perforated for easy to tear performance. It is able to retain its shape and protective qualities when folded or wrapped.

Pregis AirSpeed Axis

The Pregis AirSpeed Axis Void Fill System is a system designed to revolve around any business needs! With wrappable void fill pillows and traditional pillows, it is ideal for high volume distribution centers and other locations that package products that vary in height and weight.

Pregis AirSpeed Smart

The Pregis AirSpeed Smart system turns flat space saving film that is easy to store into lightweight void fill protective packaging. The Smart is a convenient and inexpensive way to create inflatable void fill cushions on-demand for small or remote work stations.

Pregis AirSpeed 5000

The Pregis AirSpeed™ 5000 void fill packaging system is perfect for when a packaging line needs speed and inventory space needs to be reduced. This system is designed for high volume, on-demand packaging situations and offers several film options. The Airspeed system has the perfect solution for any distribution center operation needs; choose between commercial grade film, Ep Flex and DP Flex Renew.

Pregis AirSpeed by Hughes

Savvy business owners know that they need to have the right tools and equipment in place to guide packaging operations from start to finish. Ultimately ensuring each project stays on track with seamless accountability at every stage. Need help deciding which Pregis AirSpeed is right for you? Give us a call at 267-409-6100 to speak to one of our packaging consultants and engineers.