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Protect Your Products with Pregis

Hughes Enterprises partners with Pregis to bring e-retailers and businesses quality protective packaging materials and equipment that will keep your merchandise safe during shipping.

We know how expensive it can be when you use oversized parcels or your products land on your customer’s doorstep damaged. Pregis provides a range of void fill solutions to help keep your items safe and secure while adding a little “Wow!” to the unboxing experience.

As a Pregis distributor, we want to make sure you have the right protective packaging supplies for your brand. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page or contact us to learn how protective packaging from Pegis can help your business.

Packing Air Pillows

We offer a selection of inflatable air pillow systems that will produce air filled films on demand. Air pillows – also called inflatable air cushions – save on space and labor since they are much smaller before they are inflated. They provide a soft cushion for your products, ensuring there is no damage during the shipping process.

Bubble on Demand Protective Packaging

Bubble on demand machines can be used in pretty much any application. They provide a versatile void fill that will absorb shock and cushion to your product to prevent shipping damage.

The Pregis packaging equipment and products we offer are capable of dispensing different size and strength bubbles on demand.

Selecting the right Pregis protective packaging products for your business will help you reduce shipping costs and DIM weights, lessen the chances of damage during shipping, and impress your customers when they open their package.

To discuss how protective packaging equipment and high-quality void fill from Pregis can help your business, fill out the form below or call (267) 704-7228 to talk to one of our sales representatives.

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