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3 Reasons Protective Foam Packaging Products Are a Great Choice

3 Reasons Protective Foam Packaging Products Are a Great Choice

It doesn’t matter what shape or size products are in a shipping box; there’s little doubt that protective foam packaging around those items are the main reason they arrived at their destination in the same condition that they left the shipping department. Protecting your product in the best way possible from warehouse storage and shipping to general handling once an item is in transit is vital to keeping reducing waste and improving customer satisfaction. However, protection isn’t the only way foam packaging products helps keep material and overhead costs down.

Savings Without Compromising Space or Efficiency

Every business looks at material costs and whether they have sufficient space to store inventory, but it’s important to leave room for growth in every decision. One of the nice things about foam is that the components arrive to your distribution center and are stored in their liquid form, easily contained in 55-gallon drums. Two drums of liquid polyurethane components, using minimal storage space, are equal to about a truckload of processed packaging material.

Our Instapak® system keeps your line running smoothly and efficiently, allowing for the creation of foam packaging products as part of your manufacturing site’s normal production line. Even if you change what your line is producing the foam system easily adapts because it expands to create the perfect packaging material.

Give Your Business the “Green” Light

It’s probably not the first thought that comes to mind when you see foam packaging, but it does contribute to overall sustainability in business. Beyond the immediate savings that foam offers in cutting material costs, the packaging itself is durable enough for repeated use. Shipping items between locations for returns is an excellent way for B2B relationships to save money every time they reuse the foam packaging. There are quite a few companies already putting the idea of reuse into practice; a simple inspection of the packaging materials to determine it has maintained its quality standard gets sent back to their supplier for use in future shipments.

Once the packing material is no longer fit for shipment, it can be recycled for use in other things; most frequently, foam packaging is recycled and used for padding under carpeting. Reducing manufacturing waste is vital to maintaining the bottom line so you can pass the savings along to your customers. In some locations, where recycling may not be possible, there are options for recovering energy by using it in municipal incinerators as a feedstock because a metric ton of polyurethane holds as much energy as the same amount of coal.

Better for Business

When you consider all the benefits foam packaging products can offer, it’s easy to understand the connection between well-protected products and customer satisfaction ratings. Using foam lowers material costs on the manufacturing side, but it also decreases returns due to damage in shipping and handling. Any decrease in returns ultimately has a positive effect on customer satisfaction and repeat business. Overall, the consensus is that protective foam packaging is better for your business.

Instapak Foam Packaging for Products

Companies who use Instapak® green packaging solutions will find that customer satisfaction levels start to improve as well. The representatives at Hughes will thoroughly evaluate your business’ packaging operation and provide you with expert recommendations to properly protect your goods and reduce your carbon footprint. For help with ordering Instapak® Foam Packaging products, contact a Hughes Sales Representative for assistance.