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Protective Packaging for Automotive Parts

Protective Packaging for Automotive Parts

The automotive industry is constantly growing and expanding with new and more advanced products being developed regularly. While experts are busy evolving the automotive industry, let the professionals at Hughes Enterprises cover your shipping and packaging for automotive parts operations.

Automotive parts can include anything from car doors, to windshields, to engine internals. While some small parts, such as metal hardware may not be as fragile; other parts like windshields and bumpers may require more complex packaging. To protect these uniquely shaped parts, Hughes has a variety of packaging for automotive parts options. Whether its packing peanuts to fill empty spaces, foam cushioning, taped plastic film, or bubble wrap, Hughes will ensure your items are safe and secure. Avoid the loss of time and money caused by items being damaged or broken through the delivery process.

Packaging for Automotive Parts with Hughes

Hughes professionals can keep you ahead of industry demands by providing leading edge technology and innovative systems that factor in exactly what makes your situation unique. We offer a variety of shipping and packaging products that will keep your items safe such as a wide variety of die cut boxes as well as custom corrugated boxes. Using the latest in computer software packaging design, we can determine the weight and size of a package and calculate the strength of the corrugation.

We’ve also increased productivity and saved thousands of dollars for our distribution center customers by integrating more effective and efficient packaging with air bags and foam fill.

Fill-Air® air bag cushions can be produced in a wide range of sizes on related protective packaging equipment and provide numerous benefits to your packaging operation including:

  • Versatile, On-Demand Air Bag Packaging
  • Saves Valuable Warehouse Space
  • Fast and Easy To Use
  • Clean, Professional-Looking Packages
  • Outstanding, Lightweight Protection
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Environmental Benefits

Instapak® packaging provides protection against shock and vibration during shipping and handling with a variety of methods and offers a number of benefits including:

  • Saves You Money
  • Speeds Up Your Packaging Process
  • Makes Packaging Your Products Easy
  • Versatile
  • Protects Your Products
  • Saves You Warehouse Space

Whether you need to cater to big-customer specifications, reduce floor space, cut materials costs, improve ergonomics or increase overall ROI, Hughes knows how to get your shipping and packaging operation from here to there working within your parameters.

Hughes Enterprises, Packaging Systems Solutions

We realize the need to constantly look for more efficient (and effective) methods because we’re living it with you. Hughes has provided our distribution center customers a migration plan that had the equipment paying for itself in weeks, not months or years. Let the professionals at Hughes help create the best packaging options to ensure the safety of your automotive parts through the shipping process. Contact a Hughes Sales Representative today for assistance.