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Don’t Get Boxed In: 4 Reasons to Choose Custom Corrugated Boxes

Don’t Get Boxed In: 4 Reasons to Choose Custom Corrugated Boxes

Looking for ways to reduce the cost of packaging and shipping without sacrificing protection of your precious products? Corrugated packing supplies are the way to go! Designed to be very strong and durable, they are one of the most common and safest packing material used in pretty much any industry including electrical equipment, glass items, automotive parts, food and beverages, cosmetics and much more! Let’s take a look at the four essential reasons that your organization needs them.

1. Save Money!

By purchasing custom shipping boxes, you have the freedom to choose the perfect size needed for your unique product. “One size box fits all” has come to an end. A custom sized box will save you money since you’re not paying for one that’s too large (purchasing extra material and wasting money on DIM shipping costs), but will also help you save on void fill materials to keep your product safe.

2. Go Green!

Reduce the impact to the environment; corrugated boxes can be recycled with ease. Hughes offers eco friendly packaging solutions and environmentally-friendly products to make your work environment Green.

3. Stacking Strength.

Corrugated boxes are designed to be very strong; they get their strength from the flutes and liner paper weight. The pressure handling capacity, otherwise known as the “Edge Crush Test” (ECT) represents the amount of force per square inch the box can withstand before it begins to crush under the weight. ECT is generally followed by a number. Most of our corrugated sheets have an ECT of 32, meaning they can withstand 32 pounds of pressure per square inch before they will start give into the pressure.

4. Make it Your Own: Customize.

Are you shipping long distance? You might require thicker packaging. Is your product unusually shaped? You can benefit from the customizable shipping box; it’s a popular choice to suit every need. You can even print your company logo or other details on your corrugated box to boost brand awareness. The more you can get your company name and logo in front of people the more your company will gain exposure to potential customers.

Choose Corrugated Packaging To Protect Your Product

Using the latest in computer software packaging design, our packaging experts at Hughes can easily determine the weight of your package given the weight of the part being shipped; likewise we are quickly able to calculate the strength of the corrugation.

Each corrugated box is designed expressly for the product it contains. Size, weight, shape, ECT, void fill requirements, warehousing needs and shipment mode are all taken into consideration in its design. Don’t miss out on this great way to save money and market your product…all with Hughes custom corrugated shipping boxes.