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Recoup Lost Profits Using an Automated Box Cutter in Your Reverse Logistics

Recoup Lost Profits Using an Automated Box Cutter in Your Reverse Logistics

ABOT Box Cutting Machine

Online shopping has changed how consumers buy products. Since they can’t look at or touch items or try on clothing, many consumers make online purchases with the intent of returning what they buy. As online sales increase, have you considered improving reverse logistics to manage how many orders are coming back? 

Shopify reports that compared to the nearly 10% of items that are bought from and returned to brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce experiences a return rate of 20%. During the holidays, this number jumps to 30%. 

Because of these rising numbers, e-commerce businesses are improving their reverse logistics. This includes adding more employees and creating a new department, as well as increasing warehouse space and adding the equipment to handle returns. 

Without addressing the return process, businesses and distributors with inefficient reverse logistics could lose 30% of their supply chain costs—compared to only 10% when it’s managed well. When you’re already losing money with returns, you don’t want to compound that with poor internal systems.

One major way to improve reverse logistics is to implement equipment for automated box cutting. With the ABOT box cutter, you can improve throughput, reduce labor and costs, and increase safety. The machine can handle cutting random box sizes at pre-programmed heights and depths, all while keeping contents safe.

This box cutter is completely automatic, self-feeding, and self-aligning. Cases do not need to be sorted or staged before being fed into the box cutter manually or by conveyors.

ABOT can be added to nearly any conveyor feed using sections of metering conveyor. Once in place, it easily tackles up to 500 cases sealed with tape or glue per hour. This equals about four workers, so you can save time and money while employing them elsewhere in your process.

The machine is easy to use and program via touchscreen controls. And, you won’t have to worry about injuries associated with manually opening cases or even swapping out blades. The box cutter detects damaged or dulled blades and automatically changes them, without the need for someone tending to it.

The ABOT box cutter offers incredible flexibility with precision-controlled servo cutting heads. They can cut on two, three, or four sides, and create a window in the front of the box for easy picking. You can also program them to create scored tabs to hold case tops in place.

Users of an ABOT box cutter frequently see a fast return on investment, regaining the cost of the machine in under a year on just labor savings.

If you’d like to improve your reverse logistics or get a quote on an ABOT box cutter, contact a Hughes packaging professional today.