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Reduce Packaging Costs with a 3M Matic Case Sealer

Reduce Packaging Costs with a 3M Matic Case Sealer

3M Matic 200A Case SealerMore often than you might realize, it’s the small things that make a big impact on the way a company is perceived by clients. At Hughes, we know that your customers want their products delivered in a timely fashion and to arrive safely. A damaged box or even one that is open slightly can cause a negative experience for your customers…resulting in lost business. With new innovations in the shipping industry, sealing items quickly and reliably is easier than ever before…resulting in repeat business (and more money)! The 3M-Matic case sealer is one of our top machines that helps to improve output and give customers a more secure delivery every time.

What Is the 3M-Matic Case Sealer?

Sealing cases by hand or with traditional machinery can often lead to sub-par results. Even the most dedicated team may struggle to package cargo in such a way that it remains closed the entire trip, plus it takes more time on the production line.
The 3M-Matic case sealer is an innovative tool that is used to seal containers securely and quickly. Not only does this speed up the production process, it ensures that every container will be sealed reliably and that clients will receive their items in good condition. A happy customer means a happy ROI.

The Advantages Over Traditional Methods

Packaging automation machines like these are rapidly becoming a staple in operations for the food and beverage industries. From semi-automatic to fully automatic case sealing systems, 3M has the case sealer to meet your requirements. Speak with our experts to find one that works best for your operations. From the 3M-Matic™ 110a and 200a, designed to increase productivity in smaller case sealing operations to the 3M-Matic™ Case Sealer 800rf Random Fully-Automatic that provides programmable logic control and automation to lines with random case sizes, we have what you need.

3M Matic Accessories

While many companies are open to the idea of implementing new machinery that can improve output, nothing is more frustrating than having a key part of production break down. While 3M Matic case sealers are high-quality, no unit will last forever. Thankfully, we offer a full line of accessories and provide quick access to replacement parts. Quickly construct cases on the assembly line, hold down slotted cartons on the conveyor and get advanced warning when a tape roll needs to be changed. Need a part? We’ve got ya covered!

3M Matic Support

Our manufacturer certified service technicians are able to respond quickly to your packaging problem and provide you with a solution to get your packaging and shipping operation back up in a hurry. We recognize that many companies run around the clock. In response, we offer 24 x 7 service to meet all of our customers needs. After Hours Emergency Services Contact Number: 215-900-8777