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Reduce Product Damage with Proper Wrapping and Packaging Solutions

Reduce Product Damage with Proper Wrapping and Packaging Solutions

Buy Shrink WrapThe last thing you need for your business is to have product damage occur literally minutes before it ships out of the warehouse. Unfortunately, consumer products as well as industrial goods are all vulnerable to damage and many of those damages occur at the wrapping stage. By poorly and incorrectly wrapping your product, you could be also damaging the hard-earned trust with your customers even before the product leaves the warehouse door. Hughes Enterprises has been a leading example of packaging for 60 years. We know what it takes to give you a custom packaging solution that keeps your products safe and keeps your customers happy.

Wrapping Products Properly

Most product damage occurs when proper packaging technique is ignored. Consider these three main components to properly wrap your product for shipping.

1. Firm, stretchable film that secures the load to the pallet
2.Proper containment force by using a stretch wrapper, one that doesn’t bind the product too tightly, but doesn’t come loose either
3.Safe environment that eliminates all trails of the stretch film that could catch and pull

Each product load is different, which is why Hughes Enterprises can work with you to create a customer packaging solution that works for anything you’re shipping, even if it’s a ton of bricks.

Shipping Products Safely

A properly contained load does more than simply hold everything in place and keep it safe in transit. Your custom packaging solution ensures that your product remains straight on the pallet and doesn’t interfere or collide with other pallets while in shipping. Your properly wrapped and packaged product won’t damage other products and will be safe from being damaged as well. Your shipments won’t get rejected at the end point and your products will still look exceptional upon arrival.

Boost Distribution ROI

The benefits are not always immediately obvious to a properly wrapped and shipped package. You might think that you would avoid bent or broken boxes, collapsing products or tipped pallets. The savings there are immediately obvious. The more obscure, but just as important savings come in the form of time. Each time a pallet has to be restocked, rechecked for damage, repackaged or rehandled for any reason, that excess time costs you in productivity and man hours. You’ll save thousands on spillage and shipping costs as well as time spent in the warehouse. This translates to a better product for consumers and more money in your pocket.

Hughes Enterprises: Packaging Systems Solutions

Your company can’t afford to have costly product damages and time spent repairing a poorly done wrapping job. Contact Hughes Enterprises for a custom packaging solution; we will assess your product and shipping needs and tailor a packaging solution built directly to save you time and money. Contact Hughes Enterprises today to take advantage of this simple but powerful solution.