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Automated Packaging System Supports Company’s Growth

Automated Packaging System Supports Company’s Growth

A Luxury Products Manufacturer Success Story

In 2014, a luxury products manufacturer wanted to automate one of their distribution centers based in New Jersey. The last time they had upgraded their case handling process was in 2004. Ten years later, with still much of the process being done manually, they were looking into automated systems to improve case handling and label application for their products.

Hughes Enterprises had supported this manufacturer for several years on small projects and consumables. When we looked into upgrading their case handling process, we identified a solution that would reduce labor, increase product throughput, and reduce product damage and theft by utilizing an automated case handling system.

We presented our client with the idea of installing a system from Sealed Air that would help streamline their shipping process and address their current challenges. Hughes was able to provide them with on-site demonstrations and conversations with current Hughes customers who had recently upgraded their process to address similar issues of concern.

We partnered with Sealed Air for nearly 18 months to fully analyze, test and engineer a custom Ultipack automated carton handling system. This system features high throughput tray forming, automated dunnage protection and lidding process.

Within the first six months after installing the Ultipack system, our customer was able to reduce labor costs, increase throughput, reduce product damage and nearly eliminate product theft. Our customer reported they had exceeded all performance goals set for the new Ultipack system.

Hughes has recently been called on again by this luxury products manufacturer as they expand their shipping facility. We’re working on automating more steps of the process, including additional protection features and print and apply label applications.

If you’re curious as to how automating your packaging and shipping processes can help your company, get in touch with the experienced consultants at Hughes Enterprises today.