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Film and Camera Manufacturer

Film and Camera Manufacturer

A Film and Camera Manufacturer Case Study

A global film and camera manufacturer with 10 distribution centers in North America was looking for one supply chain partner to optimize industrial packaging procurement and inventory management.


To deliver a common and economical industrial packaging solution without compromising local service and flexibility.


As a member of PDA, Hughes conducted a site survey by location to establish a master spreadsheet of industrial packaging supplies and equipment/settings used. Working with the company, We were able to establish a unified pricing structure across distribution centers and leveraged member locations to improve the company’s order inventory management, reduce service response time and identify cost-saving measures system wide.


PDA reduced the company’s overall packaging spend by consolidating purchases, reducing their SKUs and negotiating national contract pricing.

The company has achieved national product standardization, pricing and supply consistency and is able to provide compliance reports to the corporate office.

Moving to a Vendor-Management Inventory (VMI) model, the company no longer worries about running out of packaging supplies. Monthly KanBans confirm adequate inventory supply. Equipment servicing is no longer an issue. With back-up systems and service available locally, equipment problems are resolved within 24 hours. Through PDA relationships at the local market level, the company is able to source small quantity and customized items locally, saving both time and money. The company continually recognizes savings from recommendations made and tested at one location then rolled out nationally. PDA reduced the company’s packaging spend on air pillows alone by 30% by recommending an alternate packaging solution.

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