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Medical Device Company Installs Automated Packaging Process to Increase Productivity

Medical Device Company Installs Automated Packaging Process to Increase Productivity

Medical Technology Company Success Story

One of the world’s leading medical technology companies achieves billions of dollars of global sales each year. Three years ago, this Michigan-based company decided to refine their manufacturing process by improving their packaging line. So, they came to Hughes looking for a way to become more automated.


When it came to packaging, this medical device company was using a very labor-intensive process. They had employees erecting cartons for products and placing up to six labels on each carton. They could do anywhere from 25 to 300 cartons in a batch, so the number of labels and the time it took to apply them could quickly add up.

A manufacturing process like this one has multiple challenges nestled within its components, including automating the carton erecting and applying multiple labels. However, the overall challenge was increasing productivity.


When assessing solutions for this medical device company, we decided to install an automated manufacturing line. We developed a contents-to-box process that incorporated FANUC robots.

First, we designed a custom integrated folding cartoner that could erect the cartons in batches. Then, an arm of a FANUC robot grabs an erected box and brings it over to a series of labelers.

In order to position the printers in specific orientations, we also designed custom stands. By installing multiple print-and-apply label applicators, we eliminated the need for someone to hand-label a box multiple times by peeling off each label from a sheet and individually applying them. The robotic arm positions a carton near one printer to get it labeled, then moves around to the other printers until the carton has all the info it needs applied. The carton is then sent down the manufacturing line.


After implementing the more automated manufacturing line, the medical device company saw a major improvement in the process. Using FANUC robots to label the cartons tremendously cut down on manual labor. The faster batching process nearly cut out an entire shift, freeing up employees to do other things.


By helping our client go from a labor-intensive packaging process to a more automated one, they were able to achieve incredible results.

We now supply them with all of the consumable packaging materials they need to complete the process. This includes everything from cartons to labels.

If you’re interested in learning about a customized solution for your end-of-line packaging process for your business, contact the experienced consultants at Hughes Enterprises today.