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Musical Instrument Distributor

Musical Instrument Distributor

Making Beautiful Music—A Success Study of Hoshino USA

Hoshino USA, the North American Distribution Facility for the Ibanez Guitar and Tama Drum lines, was using loose fill in a hand packing operation.

The loose fill was settling around the product and not providing proper cushioning. The large voids created by the uneven shapes of the product were expensive, and loose fill on the floor also left the shipping areas looking messy and unkempt.

Hughes partnered with Sealed Air Corporation’s Protective Products Division to introduce the Fill Air Inflatable Bag System to counter the problems Hoshino was experiencing with loose fill. The Fill Air System quickly converts compact rolls of specially formulated polyethelene into continuous, perforated chains of air-filled cushions which can be produced in a wide range of sizes.

Shipping tests determined the air bags offered an enhanced level of protection, while a simultaneous cost analysis showed that the air bags were less expensive on a cost-per-pack basis relative to the amount of material needed to fill the voids. The lightweight air bags also reduced shipping costs.

A Fill Air 1000 machine was immediately installed and the air bags were integrated into the shipping and packaging process.

One year later Hoshino was so pleased with the results, they asked Hughes to expand the system and eliminate virtually all loose fill. Again, working with our partner, Sealed Air, we developed a custom engineering solution so the overhead bin delivery system automatically feeds six packing stations. The air bags are custom printed with the Ibanez and Tama logos.

A subsequent cost analysis has reinforced that the new system continues to deliver significant savings, helping Hoshino and Hughes continue to make beautiful music together.

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