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Why You Need A Packaging Partner

Why You Need A Packaging Partner

Packaging Process Improvements More Productive
Than Short-Term Fixes

As a packaging partner, Hughes Enterprises helps companies make the larger decisions that ultimately have the most impact. We use our full scope of knowledge to assist customers like VWR in streamlining the packaging process and increasing productivity.

VWR is a global supplier of discovery-to-delivery solutions for the global life sciences, advanced technologies and research industries. The company provides almost anything customers need, offering four million products — everything from UTI freezers and microscopes to biochemicals and even furniture.

Shipping these diverse products requires flexible packaging options and void filler to protect the contents.


VWR’s maintenance team serviced the packaging equipment, and their operations department oversaw the delivery process. But the two departments didn’t have an intermediary to bridge the gap in process development.

VWR’s maintenance team spent a large percentage of their time fixing downed equipment. Their void filler machine jammed frequently. The downtime caused by constant short-term fixes affected productivity. They needed a partner to offer shipping and packaging solutions that would impact long-term improvement.


VWR enlisted Hughes Enterprises to:

  • Determine what issues caused the frequent downtime

  • Look at long-term solutions to eliminate the constant fixes

Hughes Enterprises recommended a system that offered many benefits over the complicated enclosed paper shooter and void filler that was causing all the jams. VWR obtained the GeoSpeed Quantum™ paper packaging system, with AirSpeed® A5000 air pillows and AirSpeed® HC Versa inflatable bubble wrap for void filler.


By working with Hughes Enterprises, VWR now had a partner to consult regarding entire process improvement. This meant the company could look at the problem more holistically and make changes that would stop the constant cycle of downtime.

The equipment suggested by Hughes:

  • Offered a more simplistic approach to packaging
  • Made more of an impact on productivity than any of the short-term solutions previously considered
  • Improved uptime dramatically, allowing maintenance staff to spend time on more critical issues

VWR estimates a maintenance reduction of more than 70 percent with the new equipment.

If you would like to learn more about our shipping and packaging solutions, contact the experienced consultants at Hughes Enterprises today.