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Choose the Right Package and Label for Better Branding

Choose the Right Package and Label for Better Branding

Packaging is an important part of building brand awareness, and the idea has been around for a while. Michigan State University became the first university to offer a degree in Packaging Engineering in 1952, and since then the field has grown tremendously. It’s no doubt that some people judge a product by its packaging and labeling; the product safety and finish of product labels are the first impression to the consumer after all. Packaging labels are a simple way to distinguish your company from the competition. Along with our large assortment of stock packaging labels, Hughes also offers the option to customize your own labels. Custom labels are a critical marketing tool that can help reinforce your business’ branding and increase brand awareness.

When choosing a label for a product, you need to consider the packaging requirements and also the reliability of the label equipment. Hughes’ ID Technology, a division of Pro Mach, is a fast growing national provider of case label printing applicators, bar coding machines, and laser marking equipment, peripherals, supplies and service. With a wide range of products and services coupled with experienced and knowledgeable product specialists, ID Technology can satisfy all your product identification requirements. Our ID Technology Model ST1000 is a full featured label applicator with variable speed motor that achieves speeds up to 1,000 inches of label web per minute. Like other ID Technology engineered equipment, the Model ST1000 label applicator has a modular, simple, user friendly design that sets this label applicator above the competition.

With Hughes, you can also custom print Water Activated Tape (Gum Tape) or pressure sensitive tape. Custom printed tape makes your product stand out and is a great form of advertising. It has an attractive, professional look; helps promote brand recognition and even bonds to dusty surfaces. Printed carton tape is an inexpensive way to get your message to the public while enabling the ease of stock handling and identification. Gum Tape is 100% recycled and re-pulpable and improves packaging security by making packaging boxes stronger. Discover the value gum tape can add to your packaging operation: give us a call today to get your advertisement on every package that leaves your facility.

You will find just about any label you are looking for with Hughes. With a wide selection of Fragile, Rush, International Pictographs, Special Handling, Oversized Pallet, Production, Quality Control, Shipping, Regulated, DOT, Inventory and blank labels, we have the label you need in the color and design you want. We carry most labels in stock and if it is not in stock you can count on a quick turnaround. Order packaging labels from Hughes. For help with ordering your packaging labels for your shipping and packaging operation contact a Hughes sales representative for assistance.