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Save Time and Money with Drop Packing

Save Time and Money with Drop Packing

No matter your product, from shrink wrapped bottles to two-gallon jugs, drop packing machines are your simple productivity (and cost savings) solution! Automated drop packing enhances the cost-effective production for any business and benefits many diverse industries including automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and more.

Increase Productivity (decrease costs) with Drop Packing

Combi DPI Drop Packing MachineAn automated drop packing machine is great at improving the efficiency of production for any manufacturer thus saving time and decreasing costs for labor. Automated packing equipment may seem expensive at first glance, but over time, as the machines end up performing more repetitions in less time than the average labor force, costs are recovered quickly. In addition, amount wasted due to human error is also significantly decreased.

Drop Packing Offers Flexibility

The key to many drop packing machines, such as the Combi DP Drop Packer, is their ability to be flexible and accommodate a variety of product sizes, shapes, weights and materials. Adjustable lane guides can be quickly and easily reconfigured giving the user the flexibility to pack multiple products on the same line.
Built with a strong frame and small footprint, the Combi DP Drop Packer with integrated case erector is convenient and simple to use. Troubleshooting is reduced to mere seconds and production can be monitored by product, operator or shift with Combi designed software.

Drop Packing Considerations

Automated drop packing machines are versatile enough to use for a variety of industries with the ability to offer a high degree of customizability as well. Consider specific business production needs before you make the investment in a system. Not sure what kind of case packing systems will best suit your distribution center? Whether you are just beginning to automate, or are looking for a total turnkey integrated packaging line, Hughes Enterprises has the in-house capability to lay out and tailor a solution to meet all of your specific needs.
Automatic packing equipment technologies are constantly evolving to better suit your changing needs. Regardless of your industry, bringing automation into your production line will increase efficiency and accuracy: saving you time and money in the long run.

Hughes Enterprises Guarantee

Hughes Enterprises is a leading provider of packaging and sanitary supplies, packaging equipment and the support services needed to install and optimally maintain it. We have a team of seasoned professionals that have many years’ experience in “consultative” sales. We are systems oriented, seeking to offer the client more than just low prices but in essence, a better overall method of doing things.
We go beyond selling products; we provide packaging and shipping solutions.
Hughes services packaging equipment in the Philadelphia region, New Jersey and Delaware; we can be reached after hours on our emergency services contact number at 215-900-8777.