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Save Time with a Label Dispenser

Save Time with a Label Dispenser

Label DispenserSmall and medium businesses are always on the lookout for ways to be more efficient and a label dispenser is one of the best purchases a company can make to fulfill that desire. Labeling costs seem like a small amount when a company starts off, but after the supply goes up the amount labels cut into profits can be quite large. Labels can be time consuming to design and create and if you need to label a large amount of products, it could be very inefficient to your shipping process. Labeling equipment is one of the most cost-effective solutions for dealing with this challenge by providing businesses with a means of quickly creating professional labels for a large number of products.

Solving the Problem with Label Applicators

As you probably already know, a label dispenser is ideal for creating custom labels for your products, but getting those labels where they’re supposed to go can be time consuming. The label applicator is the solution to this predicament. Bottling companies, for example, utilize many types of label applicators as a means of efficiently installing their labels on their products. Because of the sheer amount they produce, a label applicator is required in order to get their product shipped in a timely manner. Automatic label applicators can be fitted with wrap belt assemblies (for cylindrical products), conveyors and other custom product handling devices.

A Quick Stick Fix

Another important consideration when creating a custom label is the method of adhesive. Although adhesive can be a cost concern (especially for large batches of products) a label dispenser makes the most ideal use of your adhesive so as to save both time and money. Adhesives can be applied to just a small portion of the label (like around the edges) or can be pasted across the entirety of the label’s rear facing side. A fully pasted label uses more adhesive and can be far more expensive to produce in the long run. A programmable label dispenser is an economic and reliable solution for situations such as these where you need to control the amount of adhesive you have on your label with precision.

An Efficient Solution for a Small Business

Labels are a way to brand your product and to get people to notice you. That’s why they have been a large part of any company’s brand marketing strategy. By creating a label that reflects your brand in a positive light, you start out on the path to become a household name. A label dispenser ensures that you have a positive face for the public to see when they notice your product. Contact Hughes Enterprises today to get an idea of the types of label dispensers we have for small and medium businesses.