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Secure the Goods: Ship your Products Safely and Securely

Secure the Goods: Ship your Products Safely and Securely

Making a sale is only half the battle in closing a deal … shipping the package is the other half. Shipping goods across the country (and across the globe) brings up unique challenges that many people may not think about. Good packaging isn’t a need reserved only for fragile items; even the hardiest of items can get damaged if not packaged correctly. No matter what season it is, weather and many other factors can wreak havoc on shipping products from your business to customers. According to market studies, one of the most important characteristics of product packaging for consumers is the protection and security of the goods. And it’s not just your products that pay the price, finding damaged product on doorsteps can lose customers. Here are just a couple challenges to keep in mind to avoid disaster:

Forces of Nature

Simple packaging might be OK if you assume that the weather will always be sunny with a zero percent chance of rain or snow. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t play by those rules – we know she has a mind of her own. Rain and snow can not only put a delay on a shipment, it can do some damage to your product if not packaged correctly. Being prepared for extreme weather conditions is the best thing you can do to minimize the risks affecting the safety and quality of your product. Hughes knows how important it is to have your product travel safely and securely to its destination. We have the right tools and knowledge to anticipate challenges ahead and ensure that your goods reach your customers in the condition they expect.

Altitude and Pressure

Damage can also result from poorly packaged products shipped with the wrong type of protective packing materials that travel over high altitude mountainous regions. Think about it, toss in some inflatable packaging and the air pressure variations affect the volume of air inside the air bags. Traveling from low to high altitudes (for example, packaging a shipment in Trenton New Jersey, and shipping to Denver, Colorado) could cause the air bags to increase in volume and possibly pop. The reverse direction in altitude could cause the air bags to decrease in size, losing the protective hold on the products. Hughes has been providing top of the line service for over 50 years; our expertise is in exceeding our customers’ expectations. We stock a large variety of protective packaging and void fill to meet the specific needs of your shipping and packaging operation and package your product safely no matter where it’s traveling.

You Never Get a Second Chance at Making a First Impression

Demands for security, productivity and profitability in packaging and shipping are higher than ever. Your packaging is the first thing your buyer will see when they receive your product. When you show a buyer that you’re serious about protecting their item, they’ll thank you later with return business. Can your shipments survive extreme weather conditions and altitude changes in their current packaging? Face future challenges head on by understanding all of the threats your package might face and becoming aware of the methods of coping with it to secure your goods. For help choosing the best packaging for your company’s needs contact a Hughes sales representative today. Whatever the weather, we’re always up for a challenge.