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Selecting the Right PAC Strapping Machine for Your Application

Selecting the Right PAC Strapping Machine for Your Application

PAC Strapping Machine SM60Selecting the proper PAC strapping machine for your distribution center packaging application is a critical business decision. Ultimately, the effectiveness of your quality control and timeliness of your delivery depends on proper and efficient product packaging. To satisfy your customer needs, businesses must master the art of streamlining processes. That includes deciding which automatic strapping machines suits your applications best.

Semi-Automatic PAC Strapping Machine

A Semi Automatic Arch strapping machine is also known as a table top PAC strapping machine. It is perfect for low volume operations including bundling, carton closing, carton reinforcement and UPS unitizing. They are typically the size of a small desk and are very versatile. Usually running at speeds of 2.5 seconds per cycle.

  • PAC PSM 1412– The PAC PSM1412-IC3A strapping machine is a low-cost solution for all your strapping needs. It has a general purpose design. Although it’s our lowest priced PAC strapping machine, the low cost does not come at the expense of quality, consistency or reliability. Each PAC strapping machine comes with an exclusive warranty; rest assured that the unit will perform.
  • PAC Impact- The Impact PAC strapping machine will out-perform traditional semi-automatic strappers. It utilizes state-of-the-art technology to offer your operations a machine that is durable, reliable and affordable. Because of its simplistic design, you don’t have to worry about chains, belts or pulleys which dramatically reduces repair expenses and any unnecessary down-time.

Fully-Automatic Arch

A Fully Automatic Arch strapping machine has a built-in conveyor system to carry your product through the machinery. An automated device can activate it. With speeds from 60 to 65 straps per minute, fully automatic machines do not require an operator.

  • PAC Auto Pac 300– The PAC Auto PAC 300 is priced lower than competing brands. It offers a reliable, broad range of features. Ideal for moderate to high volume applications, it also has plenty of user-friendly features such as lubrication-free strapping head, auto-feeding, loop ejection, end-of-strap sensor, electric tension and has three activation methods available (manual, foot pedal or standard photocell).
  • PAC SM 65– The PAC strapping machine SM65 offers unparalleled performance, innovative features and a great price. At 65 straps per minute, it is lightning fast and available in several different arch and strap sizes for a wide variety of applications. Compared to other machines, the SM65 has 30% fewer parts which means higher speed strapping requiring less power, fewer adjustments and minimal maintenance.
  • PAC SM 60– The PAC strapping machine SM60 incorporates the features of the SM65 in a side seal machine. Designed for tough applications, the side mount design keeps moisture and debris free from the strapping head. It is used as a stand-alone, with a roller table, or in line with an existing conveyor system gap.

PAC Strapping Machines from Hughes

Your strapping application should match the production and packaging rate needs of the rest of your operations. You don’t want bottlenecks at the strapping center, nor is it necessary to pay for not needed speed.

Before you being shopping, make sure you know how much speed you need. Not sure? Ask our packaging experts for some guidance about packaging and shipping solutions for your distribution center.