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Cold Chain Packaging

Cold Chain Packaging

Cold Chain Packaging From Hughes Enterprises

Cold chain packaging is the process of maintaining the temperature of items as they ship from the manufacturer to the consumer. For certain companies, such as those in the pharmaceutical industry, this process can be essential for safety.

However, even if regulations don’t require your products to maintain a set temperature, you may still benefit from temperature-controlled packaging. For example, food and beverage industries often utilize cold chain packaging to ensure the quality of products is preserved. No matter your reason for being interested in cold chain, we can help guide you.

Which Cold Chain Packaging Solution is Best?

Like all forms of packaging, there’s no “one size fits all” approach for cold chain. It’s a balance of factors like efficiency, cost, regulations, quality assurance, and/or sustainability. Which of these factors in and how much weight each carries is dependent on your unique products and operational goals.

Examples of Popular Cold Chain Products

  • Gel refrigerant packs to keep items cold no matter where they are shipping to (e.g., Nordic Cold Chain’s Ice Packs)

  • Insulated box liners and mailers maintains the temperature while also offering protection (such as PAC Worldwide’s CoolPAC® product line and Pregis’ ThermaCycle™ Flex)

  • Cold temperature tape that maintains its adhesive quality even in extreme temperatures (like 3M’s Scotch® Cold Temperature Box Sealing Tapes 3721 and 3723)

Why Choose Hughes for Cold Chain Packaging?

Since 1950, we’ve been a trusted advisor for our clients, large and small. Our packaging consultants are experienced in an array of cold chain applications. We currently assist clients with everything from temperature regulation for life-saving medications to creating a delightful unboxing experience for meal delivery customers. Whatever your packaging goals are, Hughes can help you achieve them.

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