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Vendor Managed Inventory from Hughes Enterprises

Vendor Managed Inventory from Hughes Enterprises

What if your routinely ordered packaging supplies restocked themselves? And if your team never had to track changing lead times or deal with the results of supply chain issues? Vendor Managed Inventory from Hughes Enterprises takes care of these so seamlessly that packaging feels automatic.

In today’s world of ongoing labor shortages, your team’s time is more valuable than ever. Plus, shortages and fluctuations in lead time are now more time-consuming than ever. As a packaging distributor with over 70 years of experience, Hughes Enterprises has experts in supply chain management who can take this burden off your team.

Hughes is ready to step in to manage your inventory when and where you need it. Our team focuses on ensuring high quality forecasting, balancing evolving lead times, and continuously re-evaluating to identify potential improvements. We make sure you have what you need when you need it so your team can focus on other areas of the business.

Flexibility for Inventory Storage & Management

Depending on your space limitations and needs, your supplies can be stored in your warehouse, our warehouses, or the optimal mix of each. We can help manage inventory at a variety of levels as well. This can range from just a bit of help with routinely checking on your inventory levels all the way through to having Hughes manage your entire packaging program.

Comprehensive Vendor Managed Inventory

Many of our largest clients, including several Fortune 500’s, prefer to have their packaging fully managed by one or more Hughes representatives. Our highly skilled and trained packaging experts act as an extension of your own operations team. First, they start by reviewing your packaging needs and goals. They then can start working with your internal resources, such as warehouse management and packaging engineers, to develop and test solutions. Once the right solutions are identified, they take care of ongoing management. For example, their procurement work includes identifying the best times to buy and negotiating the best deals for you.

Ongoing Optimization of Your Packaging

To support the ongoing needs of our clients, Hughes is always actively analyzing new products and equipment as they become available. As your needs change or when a potential optimization is available for your packaging, we work with you to evaluate it. This ensures that your packaging continues to improve in the ways that matter most to your business. Common continual packaging process improvements include implementing new technology that can reduce damage rate, creating a better unboxing experience, adapting alongside the latest sustainability trends, or implementing automation to combat a labor shortage.

Contact Hughes Enterprises today to discuss how we can work with you to achieve your packaging goals, including better managing your inventory.