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Should you switch from cardboard boxes to mailers?

Should you switch from cardboard boxes to mailers?

The scene of a cardboard box being delivered and perched on a porch is quickly changing – more packages are being delivered, but they are not coming in the traditional cardboard boxes. Many companies have decided to trade in the cardboard boxes for envelope mailers.

Bubble and padded mailers have become popular ways to ship products to customers due to shifts in shipping costs, sustainability concerns and more. This trend is especially popular for markets with smaller e-commerce goods, such as cosmetics, apparel, automotive parts, and electronics.

Could envelope mailers be the right solution for your products?

Why are people turning to mailers?

The number one reason that product manufacturers turn from cardboard boxes to envelope mailers is because of shipping costs. DIM weight costs have caused huge cost implications for manufacturers that ship a lot of goods, especially if those products were being packaged inefficiently. Envelope mailers are a great packaging solution because they save space and optimize the volume of the package.

A common concern with mailers is the durability during shipping. The delivery process can involve friction and vibration that many products can’t withstand. Yet mailers still provide a durable outer layer for protection during delivery.

An added benefit of using mailers for shipping your products is that most envelope solutions are eco-friendly. This means cost savings and sustainability, but it also has a high importance because of the global emphasis on finding more green solutions for every aspect of our business and personal lives.

What type of product is a good fit for an envelope mailer?

Due to the versatility and protection provided by envelope mailers, virtually any product can be shipped in an envelope.

It is common these days to see clothing, books, accessories, home goods, and even valuable items like jewelry and electronics shipped in envelope mailers, but this is not the extent. As long as the item can fit in an envelope mailer, it is likely a good candidate for this solution! Even the most fragile items can go in envelopes. Because of the tight packing and interior padding, fragile items can easily withstand transit in an envelope mailer.

How do you select the right envelope mailer?

Once you decide that envelope mailers are the right solution, it’s time to select the right mailer. When it comes to envelope mailers, there are two primary types that are designed to accommodate any application: bubble mailers and padded mailers.

Bubble mailers are ideal for semi-fragile and smaller items. Inside the envelope, there’s a protective bubble-material coating the envelope walls to ensure the products are safe in transit. Bubble mailers can come in kraft as well as plastic. A Hughes packaging consultant can help you select the right option, but plastic has the added benefit of being waterproof and more nimble.

Padded mailers are a more rugged option for shipping your products. These mailers are made from an extra-strong fiberboard material and provide support for items such as sensitive documents, CDs and discs, and other thin items that can’t be bent.

Ultimately, both options are great packaging solutions for saving costs and efficient shipping. A Hughes packaging expert can help you with selecting the right mailer.

Is switching easy?

At Hughes, improving your packaging operations is always easy! When it comes time to switch from a cardboard box to a mailer, there are a few considerations for implementation. First, selecting the right SKUs and the right number of SKUs is important. You may require multiple sizes or options, but there may also be an opportunity to consolidate and save money. The best bet is always to talk to a Hughes packaging expert to make this decision.

When it comes to the packing of the products, there are manual and automated options. When it comes to manual packing, this is a good option for companies with less production and simple SKUs.

On the other hand, automated processes are a great way to save time and increase output. Having the right equipment is going to make a big difference. At Hughes, we offer a variety of envelope packing machines depending on the volume needs and other variations.

Are you ready to make the switch?

If you’re still using cardboard boxes for shipping your products to your customers, it’s likely that a Hughes packaging consultant will recommend that you switch to a mailer solution. Contact us today to consult with one of our experts to find out which mailer is right for your products.