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Shrink Wrap and Stretch Film Defined for Commercial Packaging

Shrink Wrap and Stretch Film Defined for Commercial Packaging

When you’re shipping your product out, it’s best to get to know the difference between the wide ranges of custom commercial packaging available to you. Depending upon the products you’re choosing to ship out, you might need a variety of different packaging methods to best suit your products. The best solution to get your merchandise out safely and securely is by using a wrap. You have the choice of using a shrink wrap or a stretch film. Get to know how these two different wraps achieve two very different results for your products. Hughes Enterprises has been providing you with custom packaging solutions for over 60 years, we can help you decide which wrap is best for your business.

Shrink Wrap

Choosing a shrink wrap for commercial packaging depends on what you need to achieve with your products. A shrink wrap is a loose film of polyolefin plastic wrapped around the product. Heat is then applied to the product and the wrap shrinks to conform to the product’s size.

The main application for the shrink wrap is to provide a barrier for cleanliness. So, if your business needs your products to arrive clean and unblemished upon arrival (IE: foodstuffs, small machine parts, valuable loose objects…etc.), select a shrink wrap which can protect individual items quickly and efficiently. Manage large loads of products in a short amount of time with this time-saving wrap.

Shrink wrapping equipment also provides a tamper proof barrier during transit and during sale of items as well. As an example, soda cans are normally shipped in a shrink wrap to prevent theft as well as the purchase of a single item rather than the entire slab. If your product requires an individualized packing solution, Hughes Enterprises can work with you for the shrink wrap you need.

Stretch Film

Stretch film works in an entirely different way. Whereas the shrink wrap is used for an individual item’s protection through transit, a stretch film is used for a collection of products, such as a pallet. The shrink wrap is applied loosely while the stretch film is a tightly wound film of plastic intended to bind and contain many boxes. The stretch film secures your load during transport from tipping or spilling. It does provide some degree of protection from tampering or moisture and dust, and it also ensures your load remains in the condition you sent it out in.

By selecting a stretch film, you’re also ensuring that there won’t be issues either in your warehouse or upon delivery. The tightly contained packaging ensures that your load doesn’t interfere with any other shipments alongside and isn’t contaminated either. A stretch film machine is essential for properly protecting a package to arrive at your destination safely.

Find out more great benefits of using a stretch wrapper machine in our recent blog post, “Protect Your Products with a Stretch Wrapper.”

Shop for Commercial Packaging Equipment with Hughes Enterprises

Hughes Enterprises knows the commercial packaging business inside and out. They know which custom packaging solution will best suit your business. Don’t take the risk by selecting an inferior or shorthanded package. Contact Hughes today to find out more about shrink wrap and stretch film for all your business’ shipping needs.