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Simplifying B2B & B2C Business‎ with an Automated Warehouse Management System

Simplifying B2B & B2C Business‎ with an Automated Warehouse Management System

Simplifying B2B & B2C Business‎ with an Automated Warehouse Management SystemAre you experiencing a bottle neck in production? Product damage? Perhaps you’re dealing with high labor costs or looking to expand? No matter what products you’re packing and shipping, most companies today are on the look-out to simplify processes, searching for ways to speed up delivery and at the same time, increase ROI. New technology has made it possible to directly respond to these needs through a strategic automated warehouse management system.

Automated Warehouse Management System Advantages

When it comes to influencing a brand’s image and level of customer trust, nothing is more crucial than the order fulfillment process. At Hughes, we offer engineering excellence in designing and integrating an automated warehouse management system benefitting order fulfillment needs for sized B2B or B2C business. Below are several key benefits:

Space – An automated warehouse management system creates a much more efficient use of space allowing companies to dedicate the extra space for other functions such as storing product inventory.
Efficiency – A growing business means more orders to fulfill… and more orders require a higher demand for a strategic warehouse management system. Because machines are able to operate 24/7 without relying on manpower, automated warehouses become more efficient and reduce overall labor costs.
Safety – Automated equipment is designed with safety in mind. Safety for the user and safety for delivering the product. They are ergonomically designed to prevent repetitive-motion injuries and pack the products optimally every time reducing damage during transit.
ROI – Optimizing ROI is about looking at the big picture. With an automated warehouse management system, businesses will save on packaging waste, ultimately decreasing box size and dimensional weight (DIM) costs.
Greening the Supply Chain – As part of the trend toward more eco-friendly warehouses, businesses are seeking more “green” materials and efficient processes. Become a proactive company who is committed to sustainability and sound environmental policies and you’ll gain the trust of your consumers. Learn how with Hughes and Twice Green Consulting Services; we offer many environmentally options for improving performance and will assess your current packaging profiles.

See our most recent blog, “Improve Packaging Line Productivity with Integrated Packaging” for even more great benefits.

Hughes Customized Warehouse Management System Solutions

The Hughes professional packaging service and design consultant team stand ready to work with various facets of your company including, but not limited to, production, operations, finance and marketing. We offer custom engineering solutions in the following areas:

  • Corrugated packaging design
  • Interior package design and optimization
  • Packaging line integration
  • Sustainable offerings
  • Right sized packaging to meet dim weight regulations
  • Facility startup and design

Contact a Hughes Sales Representative at 1-267-409-6100 to get more information on the automated packaging equipment that work best to optimize your business’ warehouse management system.