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Hughes Enterprises Alliance Program

What is the Alliance Program?

The Hughes Enterprises team developed the Alliance program to further distinguish ourselves. The Alliance Program is a reward system for loyal customers that supports a high standard of customer service. Designed to be mutually beneficial, Hughes Enterprises creates a unique partnership with customers.

As a commercial packaging equipment supplier, Hughes Enterprises is here to benefit and support those in charge of shipping products in their company, as well as those in charge of operations and supply chains. Specialists will work to evaluate each corporation that joins the Alliance program, ensuring you receive the maximum possible savings through the services Hughes Enterprises provides.

Contact us today to see if you qualify for these exclusive program rewards and benefits:

Item and system analysis

In this fast-paced industry, new technology and products appear on the scene daily. To keep you up to date with the newest packaging trends, our specialists help to assess your company’s current packaging methods and offer a range of solutions and products to improve your performance, productivity, and cost structure.

Purchasing costs

After evaluating your company’s product mix, our packaging consultants will work closely with your team to determine new systems and technologies to reduce your packaging, material, and labor costs. This includes optimized machine settings to maximize yields and minimize material waste.

Inventory control

We understand the trouble companies go through when they don’t receive their products correctly and on time. To decrease possible interruptions associated with depleted stock, our staff will monitor and replenish your inventory, so you never stop operating at peak performance.

Production assurance

Downtime is inevitable, and it’s important to be prepared. When you experience a problem on your packaging line, Hughes Enterprises will supply your company with loaner machinery to assist with temporary increases in production and provide on-site maintenance from our factory-certified support technicians.

How it Works

Hughes Enterprises takes pride in the quality support it provides and the Alliance Program provides even more benefits to those who have signed up. From discounted service agreements to priority access to pre-owned loaner equipment to guaranteed stocking of a corporation’s products at the Hughes Enterprises warehouse, the Alliance program is an opportunity that simply can’t be passed up.

A Win-Win Program

The Hughes team firmly believes that a vital element of excellent customer service is rewarding loyal customers. This not only encourages customers to return for future purchases, but also encourages them to spread the word about a business. Hughes Enterprises provides commercial packaging customer rewards as a mutually beneficial opportunity. Whether a company is business-to-business or business-to-consumer, creating strong customer bonds is simply an intelligent practice.

Benefits and Information

Technology is constantly changing in any industry. As part of the program, Hughes Enterprises will not only analyze a business’ current methods, but we will also work to improve these techniques and practices. Our goal is to help you improve performance and become more cost-efficient. This program is also designed to help you track inventory and prevent downtime caused by inventory shortages. For more information on the rewards and benefits that will be provided to you upon joining the Alliance Program, visit the Hughes Enterprises Alliance Program page. With so many benefits, no business can go wrong in joining this unique partnership.

How We Succeed Together

We know that our loyal customers are the reason for our success. To show our appreciation, we’ve developed the Hughes Enterprises Alliance Program. Benefits for program members include discounted service agreements and preventative maintenance contracts, 24-hour priority service from factory-certified support specialists, and priority access to loaner equipment and warehouse space.

About Hughes Enterprises: Packaging Systems Solutions

The Alliance Program is an excellent investment for any distribution center. Hughes Enterprises also offers a multitude of services for all customers. Whether you’re part of the program or not, we strive for quality customer service. Current customers should contact a Hughes representative for more information on packaging equipment and products. Our specialists are trained to help you discover the exact items needed. Hughes Enterprises has the options and benefits that any warehouse, packaging, or distribution center could ask for.

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